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The answer is a resounding YES. Last year, the country welcomed over 4.5 million foreign visitors. I’ve rented motorcycles to hundreds of clients and have never had an issue with security. Now, shifting the focus to Ecuador, it is indeed a safe destination. We have welcomed over 4 million tourists, especially from the United States and Canada.

Why Travel to Ecuador?

At latitude 0, Ecuador, located in South America, is one of the most diverse and beautiful places the world has to offer for those adventurous spirits living inside of riders and motorcycling enthusiasts around the planet. Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner provides you with a wide range of Motorcycle tours and rentals. You can ride a motorcycle and feel the freedom of an eagle in the Ecuadorian Andes. Enjoy the beautiful and warm beaches of the Pacific Coast or enter the magical world of the Amazon Basin. No matter your destination, our goal is to provide you with the adventure that many crave.

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Since 2016, our mission has been to reveal Ecuador’s core to the world as one of the most beautiful countries in South America and the world. As a 100% Ecuadorean company, our friendly staff will be happy to introduce you to the culture, topography, flavours, and people that make this country a unique place. And no better way to do it than riding your motorcycle and having the experience in your own hands. We have various dual sport, street, enduro, and cross bikes for our motorcycle tours and rentals (Best Brands).

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Motorcycle Rentals Section. Our store is located in Quito, Ecuador, and we provide our services in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. Our rentals section offers you an exclusive look at our extensive fleet, featuring top-tier brands like KTM, HONDA, SUZUKI, ROYAL ENFIELD, BMW, TRIUMPH, RAM, and DUCATI. Dive into the details of our exceptional lineup by downloading our informative PDF, providing you with everything you need to know about our motorcycles. We take pride in offering a fleet that represents the best in the industry, ensuring an unmatched riding experience. When it comes to motorcycle rentals in Ecuador, look no further than Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner Travels.





The Best Single Tracks in Ecuador specialize in delivering the ultimate enduro experiences on Ecuador’s most thrilling and challenging single tracks. Our guided adventures are designed to take you from one-day excursions to five-day expeditions, exploring the beauty and excitement of Ecuador’s unique trails. 

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Dive into the thrill of Ecuador’s roads with our Self-Guided Tours at Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner Travels. Our dedicated page offers a glimpse into our premium motorcycle fleet, available for download in a detailed PDF,  We’re proud to offer top-quality motorcycles, making us the premier choice for motorcycle rentals in Ecuador. 



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Guided Tours

With our guided tours, you will not have to worry. We take care of every single detail of your trip. We will prepare hotels, activities, and meals beforehand and a guide that will take you off the beaten path and allow you to interact with the local people. With you and your whole party intercom connected to our tour guide, you will take home the essence and intimate memories of Ecuador’s core culture, topography, and flavours.

Self-Guided Tours

The right balance between a route, constant change, and your free will every day of the ride. From a day in the city to 13 days riding a motorcycle through Ecuador’s different geography. Our self-drive tour includes high-end quality safety gear, a pre-programmed GPS file with your route, hotels, and must-see places. Our team will be ready to assist you. Ecuador Bike Rental. Book your self-guided tour now!

Custom Tailored Tours

Custom Tailored Tours, in your hand, now we give you the tools to tell us exactly how you wish to live your adventure with us. This time you tell us how, when, where, how many, and specifics of what you want to do. By filling up this short form, you’ll help us to understand what kind of experience you are looking for. One of our adventure experts will work out a tour that fits your purpose.


We provide adventure-ready motorcycles to explore South America on your own. Perfectly maintained at their dealer shop, with specialized mechanics. We have many motorcycles for rent, including KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Ford, Toyota, and more. Regardless of your route, motorcycles can be delivered anywhere in the country with high-quality safety gear, accessories, and luggage systems.

4x4 Rentals

We offer an exceptionally comprehensive 4×4 rental vehicle featuring a powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine with 305 HP, making it one of the most robust trucks in its class. Ideal for any 4×4 adventure, it serves both as a supply vehicle and a rental travel vehicle. This truck provides a cabin for three passengers, offering a blend of convenience and comfort, a distinctive hallmark of the RAM BIG HORN 1500 4X4.

Gálapagos Tours

Discover one of the planet’s top wildlife destinations on bikes in Galapagos island hopping adventure, staying in a choice of standard or upgraded accommodation. From Baltra Island, take in beautiful landscapes and encounter incredible wildlife on the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, and Isabella, topped off with a hike up Sierra Negra Volcano. Be part of the enchanted paradise.





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Ecuador Bike Rental strives to reduce time on booking experiences while making it easy for the traveler to enjoy his optimized time off within a specific budget, providing quality service and a familiar treat for everyone.

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Since 2016, our mission has been to reveal Ecuador’s core to the world as one of the most beautiful countries in South America and the world.

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