Strives on reducing time on booking experiences while making it easy for the traveler to enjoy his optimized time off within a specific budget, providing quality service and a familiar treat for everyone.


Our purpose is to promote local tourist destinations and attractions, and serve as a link based on excellence in execution between customers and local suppliers. By using a selection process of quality over cost and, by being involved from start to end in the adventure. Earning this way, the trust of our customers from the beginning of our transaction, exceeding their expectations, and improving the living standard of the community where we operate.


Our aim is to improve the satisfaction and experience of any activity, considering our clients as a part of the family, breaking that boundary existent when they are only tourists. Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner travel is committed to be recognized by organizations and travelers alike as one of the most outstanding center of activity planners anywhere our services are found.


Core values at Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner is our code of ethics; tool that has take us to where we are in the market without loosing transparency with stakeholders nor with our customers who had become loyal to us.


Dear Travel:

Our purpose is that you live on board of the best motorcycles rentals. An experience that you will never forget. We love what we do and enjoy the adventure with you.

Based in Ecuador, the logical step was to start at home and to show its beauties to the world. From one of the highest peaks in America, to the Amazon region, to an incredible adventure in Galapagos islands.

Our purpose covers it all, most activities you have even dreamed of trying at least once. All in the same place. From water sports, to mountaineering, from motorcycling to bird watching. Or simply a lovely getaway to be able to unplug yourself.

I sincerely hope you get to have as much fun as we do with the adventure we have prepared for you. Regardless you being a busy person, or someone that just decided to take a leave, the services here helps you to tailor your adventure to your time, budget and likes.

David Garces
CEO Ecuador Bike Rental
Quito Ecuador

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Tourism Registry

Activities License

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have a valid driver’s license with a full motorcycle endorsement
  3. You must have a major credit card
  • Unlimited miles (select models) and no hourly charges
  • Use of vehicle for a 24 hour period.
  • Full Protective Gear. 

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for specifics about gear depending on your tour selection

After a short safety video, every client will receive an orientation from our staff to the motorcycle which involves all aspects of safe motorcycle operation, the client’s care responsibilities and local law briefing.

Ecuador Bike Rental will provide storage for luggage excess, and other valuables free of charge.

Depending on your tour selection, fuel is worked in different ways. Please refer to our FAQ section. You will be given a full tank motorcycle to start with, always.

Touring helmets are provided with all motorcycle rentals and all tours. Clients are encouraged to bring their own helmets for comfort and style. In addition, helmets may be purchased at our store. The use of helmets is mandatory by law in the whole country.

1 additional driver is permitted at no extra charge. The minimum age for an additional driver is 18 and a valid motorcycle license is required. A signed waiver for this driver is needed at the moment of the rent.

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refueling and reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at pick-up. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

A rental day is 24 hours. A fee of $20/hour may apply for vehicles returned late.

All confirmed rental and tour reservations are non-refundable, unless specified under that of the Reservation Cancellation Protection guidelines stated in our FAQ section depending on the service provided. No refunds on early returns.

Reservations, can be done via check out on our website. For the final payment prior your tour, major credit cards are accepted

Reservation can be done via PayPal with the 50% of the tour at least 6 weeks before your tour date. The 50% must be paid in full tat the moment of your motorcycle pick up/tour date. Reservations are refundable up to 6 weeks for self-guided adventure and 8 weeks for guided tours. The reservation will be subtracted 10% of the whole package due to booking and administration expenses, regardless your cancellation date.

The mandatory transit accidents transit insurance (SPPAT) is included in any plan or rental. This is a third party insurance that covers also your medical expenses up to a certain value. From there, our travel insurance provided with any Guided Tour or Self-Guided Tour takes over.

We count with a workshop network all around the country in order to provide mechanical aid to our customers should the event of the bike to become inoperable. This is when simply is beyond the customer care of the bike. i.e. battery dead due to leave the lights on.

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Since 2016, our mission has been to reveal Ecuador’s core to the world one of the most beautiful countries in south america and the world.

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