Self-Guided Tours

Dive into the thrill of Ecuador’s roads with our Self-Guided Tours at Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner Travels. Our dedicated page offers a glimpse into our premium motorcycle fleet, available for download in a detailed PDF,  We’re proud to offer top-quality motorcycles, making us the premier choice for motorcycle rentals in Ecuador. 

Our Self-Guided Tours 2024

Explore Ecuador´s Three Worlds

11 Days & 10 Nights | 2200 Kilometers | From: $2095

3 Days & 2 Nights | 372 Kilometers | From: $595

2 Days & 1 Night | 185 Kilometers | From: $370

Questions about Motorcycle Self-guided Tours

  1. Check availability.
  2. Complete the booking link set by our sales rep.
  3. Enjoy your motorcycle self-guided tour.

Absolutely! With Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner Travels, embarking on an international self-guided motorcycle tour is not only possible, but it’s also one of our specialties. We take care of all the necessary documentation and hotel bookings for you, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free adventure across borders. Ride with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that every detail of your international journey has been meticulously planned by our team.

  1. Passport and valid motorcycle driver´s license.
  2. Major Credit Card.
  3. 18+ years  old.

Since 2016, our mission has been to reveal Ecuador’s core to the world one of the most beautiful countries in south america and the world.

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