Loss or Damage Waiver (LDW)

Waiver Agreement

We have agreed with you that these conditions will be varied by this Waiver Agreement under
which you are relieved of your responsibility to us for loss of or damage to motorcycle rented to
you; subject to the terms specified below.

We offer a Loss or Damage Waiver program that limits your responsibility to $2700usd (you must
pay the first $2700usd in damages). This program is available for:

  • $27,50usd / day for motorcycles ≤ 650cc.
  •  $44,00usd / day for motorcycles > 650cc.

Waiver Terms

  • Damage occurred to the rental motorcycle while on rent, and who used it under normal working conditions.
  • Equipment and motorcycles that are used for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  • Misuse, abuse, or intentional damage.
  • Damage to tires or tracks.
  • Mysterious disappearance and theft.
  • Equipment not maintained or not maintained correctly.
  • Damage caused by speeding or caused under traffic law violations.
  • In Case of guided tours, damages caused by not following the guide´s indications or after
    overtaking the guide.

Please indicate in the section below whether you wish to accept or decline the coverage. If you
choose to decline, you must provide us with proof of insurance. If you choose to accept the
coverage, (LDW) will be charged. If you do not complete the section below you will be charged
(DW) automatically.

Medical Insurance

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