Off Road Expedition

From: $1,355.00

    11 days | 10 nights

    2200 km (1375 miles)

    90% asphalt / 10% Of Road

High lands, rain forest, coast line

Mainly warm, chill on highlands (Intermediate)

Ecuador has many climate zones, from tropical along coast to cooler and dryer inland at higher elevations and tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands. Ecuador is unusual in that one can choose any climate one wishes by where in the country one travels to. Adding up the thrill of riding a motorcycle makes it even more fun. Lying on the equator means there is no summer or winter; however, there are typically wetter and drier seasons. The ‘wetter’ season is usually between December – June, while the drier season runs from July – November.

On this tour, you will be part of this merging. Following the water routes, you will transfer from the highlands from the Andes to the whole Coast line, baptized as Spondylus due to a colorful shell that leaves all along the pacific Ecuadorean Coast. Enjoy this tour fully thanks to your riding experienced and our well-equipped motorcycles, and using the best hotels and eco-lodges to make this one wonderful experience.

We strongly recommend you to arrive at least 2 days earlier so you have some spare time to get used to the altitude if need be and also to visit around the capital, San Francisco de Quito. It has won 4 tourism prizes so far and is a city filled with history. From way back when the colonials arrived and founded the city. Bringing their European culture and mixing it with the local natives. The first settlers were the Quitu people: they were eventually subjugated by the Caras culture. Sometime in the fifteenth century, the city and region were conquered by the mighty Inca Empire, based out of Cuzco to the south. Quito prospered under the Inca and soon became the second most important city in the Empire. Quito was plunged into civil war sometime around 1526. Inca ruler Huayna Capac died (possibly of smallpox) and two of his many sons, Atahualpa and Huáscar, began to fight over his empire. Atahualpa had the support of Quito, whereas Huáscar’s power base was in Cuzco. More importantly for Atahualpa, he had the support of three powerful Inca generals: Quisquis, Chalcuchima, and Rumiñahui. Atahualpa prevailed in 1532 after his forces routed Huáscar’s at the gates of Cuzco. Huáscar was captured and would later be executed on Atahualpa’s orders.

In 1532 Spanish conquistadors under Francisco Pizarro arrived and took Atahualpa captive. Atahualpa was executed in 1533, which turned as-yet unconquered Quito against the Spanish invaders, as Atahualpa was still much beloved there. Two different expeditions of conquest converged on Quito in 1534, led by Pedro de Alvarado and Sebastián de Benalcázar respectively. The people of Quito were tough warriors and fought the Spanish every step of the way, most notably at the Battle of Teocajas. Benalcázar arrived first only to find that Quito had been raised by general Rumiñahui to spite the Spanish. Benalcázar was one of 204 Spaniards to formally establish Quito as a Spanish city on December 6, 1534, a date which is still celebrated in Quito.

Quito has continued to slowly grow and has evolved from a tranquil provincial capital to a modern metropolis.

Perhaps because it spent so many centuries as a quiet provincial town, Quito’s old colonial center is particularly well-preserved. It was one of UNESCO’S first World Heritage sites in 1978. Colonial churches stand side-by-side with elegant Republican homes on airy squares. Quito has invested a great deal recently in restoring what locals call “el centro historico”, Spanish for Historical Center and the results are impressive. Elegant theaters such as the Teatro Sucre and Teatro México are open and show concerts, plays, and even the occasional opera. A special squad of tourism police is detailed to the old town and tours of old Quito are becoming very popular. Restaurants and hotels are flourishing in the historic city center. Much worth to be visited.

-Ready to roll fully fueled unlimited Mileage Motorcycle Rental.
-We provide you with a touring helmet, pants, jacket, and gloves. However, we know how comfortable a trip can be with your own gear in hand, especially helmets. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own gear, we can store it after your riding adventure until the end of your stay in Ecuador, so it won’t be a hassle.
-35lt. GIVI last generation saddlebags and a 45 lt. Duffel bag.
-First aid kit, tire repair kit, portable air compressor, and tool kit.
-Single occupancy base in hotels and eco-lodges.
-Activities specified in your tour (depending on availability).
-Specified Meals in the tour (breakfast).
-Tracking system to monitor the bike, and with it, 24-hour assistance from our support center.
-Third-party liability medical insurance mandatory in Ecuador (SPPAT).
-Bulletproof Medical Insurance. Please visit our insurance page for details:
-Storage for your excess luggage during your ride.
-Briefing the day before we start. (Here is where your adventure begins).
-Guaranteed departure on YOUR date.
-Overall, your best price option in Ecuador guaranteed.

-A voucher for a security deposit using a major CREDIT card.
-Ecuador 12% IVA tax (if you’re Ecuadorian).
-Hotel accommodations before and after your tour.
-Alcoholic beverages.
-Unspecified meals in your tour.
-Unspecified activities in your tour.
-Insurance to cover motorcycle damages.

203 km (125 miles


We’ll have a briefing in Ecuador Bike Rental’s headquarters in Quito, located in the heart of the capital. Here’s where the last paperwork will be filled, gear will be given and tested for your better comfort and protection, and the bike of your choice will be delivered. We will have a quick brief on the roads, traffic signs, police guidelines, safety, and a quick guide to your motorcycle. We will make sure you feel comfortable on your motorcycle and ready to enjoy your adventure with us.

The departure will be at 9 am sharp after all the formalities and checks on the route. After a ride of approximately one hour, you’ll be getting to know the roads better and be familiar with the traffic. You will be riding towards the highest point on the tour, the idea is to do it slowly to acclimatize ourselves and make sure we enjoy the motorcycle ride. Bear in mind that you are having an Ecuador Bike Rental support team on your back at all times.

Then the departure towards Misahualli Port on your motorcycle rentals through 3 lane asphalt roads. These challenging roads offer many turns and will be a great thrill for you to enjoy. Make the first stop in Papallacta. This is a small town located at 3,300 meters above sea level, a unique place where you will begin to feel the climate change. All the colorful flowers suddenly start disappearing and the tundra starts showing out. Big changes in weather as it gets colder and colder in time. The sensation of going through the highest lands in the country mixed with the roar of our motorcycles will be a unique experience. With a little bit of luck, you should be able to watch spectacled bears crossing the road and high land birds. The altitude you will be reaching at this point is about 10800 ft and is home to the emblematic Andean Condor, the biggest bird in the world and famous for flying on the shield of our flag. The area also has fish farms all over where you can do some fishing in case you would like to try some fishing and eat our famous fish, “truchas”. Papallacta is also known for its mineral hot springs, it is a place for maximum relaxation.

Sitting at the base of the Antisana Volcano, which can be seen from the road with all its majestic shape. Antisana is the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador and the main water supplier for Quito, hence the protection of this volcano is quite tight. Nonetheless, it is one of the main attractions on our motorcycle ride.

You will begin to approach Tena and continue our descent towards Baeza in the Napo province. This town is widely known for being the home to our Quijos-Quichua indigenous people, the first cultures to settle in Ecuador. It has one of the biggest natural rock climbing walls in the country and is currently visited by athletes all over the world who want to test their skills.

After going through small-town Baeza, you detour towards Misahualli Port on asphalt roads with challenging turns that enhance the beauty of your tour in Ecuador. Misahualli Port is a town located at 517 meters above sea level, with an average climate of 25 degrees celsius surrounded by a tropical forest filled with iconic flora and fauna from this section of the country. It is famous for its soft white sands nearby the river where the sunset meets both Napo and Misahualli rivers while the animal sounds travel through the air creating a beautiful scene. Filled with cappuccino monkeys, they commonly interact with people and surprise them with their craziness. Be careful with your belongings here! Monkeys are very mischievous and often caught trying to steal your camera and cellphone.

A cobblestone road, few wooden bridges, and a river cross will take us where our lodge is at. All bridges are great places to take pictures at. Once we arrive at our lodge, the staff will help you with the check-in and then take you to your room. We will head towards the cuisine where lunch will be served and will give you a good taste of what it means to live off the jungle. These menus are prepared beforehand depending on your requirements, not to find any surprises. Your rooms based on single occupancy (unless requested differently) and will be ready to welcome you. During lunch, you will have the opportunity to taste a mouthwatering dish called, Maito de pescado. This is a fish, mostly tilapia, tied with a palm tree leaf, sprinkled with all types of condiments and spices for the best taste possible.

In the afternoon, the activities programmed are different walks for both inside the forest for exploration or lounging riverbanks and lakes, on longer, shorter, harder, or easier trails depending on interest or difficulty level. We will be led and accompanied by guides that will enlighten you with their knowledge of life in the forest. These guides are mostly locals that have experienced everyday life in the jungle and will teach us survival skills, cooking in the forest, hunting, and weapon making throughout the excursion.

A lot is happening on the ground in the rainforest, the easiest realm to actually explore, is so teeming in life not even the most expert scientists could identify it all. Some creatures are perfectly camouflaged, sphinx moths, dried-leaf katydids, and glass frogs, others are quite the opposite, bright and perky like rainbow katydids, orchid bees, Morpho butterflies or poison-arrow frogs…antbirds closely following army ants, leafcutter ants creating enormous highways from one point of the forest to another, sculptural buttress roots towering above the tallest humans, the most unbelievable colors and shapes of fungi growing on fallen tree trunks and if we are lucky, we’ll be able to spot wild animals like snakes, jaguars and the pink dolphin.

Following your arrival, dinner will be served. Find your seat and get comfortable while the waiters serve you each course. One of the guides will give you a Welcome Jungle cocktail and a short briefing with general information about your stay at the Eco-Lodge; how it operates, activities available, and services. The idea is to begin your activities with background knowledge of the amazing place you have just arrived at. At the bar, you can find snacks, tea, good coffee and order cocktails from the bartender. Or, feel free to lay on the hammocks next to the swimming pool to rest from your motorcycle day.

308 km (193 miles


Rise and shine deep in the forest jungle of Ecuador! You will feel the difference from waking up here than in any other place; it is so peaceful, so pure, so wonderful. Breakfast will be ready at the lodge’s restaurant and then walk and hike the rainforests around. You will go under towering trees through untouched forest to observe the giant kapok tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the Strangler Fig Tree (Ficus sp), the light trickling down in layers, smelling the aromas of a million different trees and flowers and medicinal plants used by locals for centuries. These medicinal plants are used for many purposes, from curing a fever to sacred rituals, and we can present all of them. You will feel the presence of innumerable creatures filling every corner of the forest. This is your closest adventure to the wildlife of Ecuador. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit and take a refreshing dip when you reach the river Beach!

Following our relaxing dip in the river, you will go to a more adventurous activity of your tour in Ecuador. We will go down the river on rubber car tire tubes. This is a fun activity local enjoy doing on a daily basis and a great attraction. Down the rapids of the Pusuno river, you will sit on the rim tubes and lock hands with your friends and other people sitting on the tubes. Once locked, the guide will sit on top and let the tube go with the flow of the river. This is an activity where you will definitely get cold and the use of our GoPro will be perfect to record your unique adventure down an Ecuadorian river.

The afternoon has arrived and it is time for relaxation: we will have lunch and you will enjoy once again the delicious Ecuadorian gastronomy. After filling our tanks, we will lay on our hammocks on the private sandy beach and return to the ecolodge floating in buoys or kayak on the Pusuno river. The rivers in our Amazon have soft to strong currents for you to enjoy and you are at liberty to choose which one you would prefer. Strong currents usually require extra gear and a professional guide to help you throughout the adventure. Once at our lodge, we can go over your pictures and videos captured on our GoPro.

Dinner will be served at this time. Find your seat and get comfortable while the waiters serve you each course. Enjoy your meal and feel free to call it a night. You will have a long day ahead of you with several hours of riding.

146 km (90 miles)



Once you leave the Eco-Lodge after a good continental breakfast. The return from here will be heading south to Baños de Agua Santa, passing by few notorious towns named after the rivers that are crossed by Rio Negro, Rio Verde, Puyo, Agoyan. The road down is just nearby the river Pastaza, and Napo and has been dubbed The Avenue of the Waterfalls. Countless waterfalls will be seen at the roadside, and you will pass through the old road Baños – Puyo. An iconic parallel route, given the number of accidents that happened at the time it was in current use. Now, it has been rebuilt as a sightseeing point. Overall, the route is really good asphalt and pretty curvy. In summary: fun to be ridden.

The tunnels to reach Baños make you feel like you were inside of the mountain’s artery. The seen rock and unsealed walls of the tunnel allow the filtrate water to pass by. Before joining the Pastaza the Río Verde tumbles down several falls, the most spectacular of which is El Pailón del Diablo (the Devil’s Cauldron). The San Miguel Falls, smaller but also nice, are some five minutes’ walk from the town along a different trail. Cross the old bridge and take the first path to the right, here is Falls Garden, with lookout platforms over both sets of falls.

About 3 km beyond San Pedro and 17 km from Baños is the town of Río Verde at the junction of the Verde and Pastaza rivers. Río Verde has crystalline green water and is nice to take breathtaking photos. The paved highway runs to the north of town, between it and the old road used by cyclists, the river has been dammed forming a small lake where rubber rafts are rented for paddling.

We begin approaching Baños and you will be able to tell how different this place is from any other you have ever been to. A very welcoming town, Baños is at 1815 m.s.n.m., with warm tropical weather, it is very unpredictable and could rain in the morning and be sunny in the afternoon or vice versa.

This place is one of the top destinations for people around the world, which it’s easy to explore on our motorcycle rentals. The magical city located next to the active volcano, Tungurahua offers wonderful attractions during the day from the canopy, trekking, the great waterfall ‘El Manto de la Novia meaning ‘The brides mantle”, the famous “tree at the edge of the world”, and our favorite, ‘El Pailón del diablo’. Be ready to submerge yourself into deep adventure, feel the experience of being next to an active volcano, and even watch it spit out lava at night.

Once we enter the city, you will notice a change on the road; no longer asphalt, you will ride on ancient cobblestone. The hotel is located in the heart of the town for your better experience and joy. You’ll check-in at the hotel where everything is ready to welcome you after your third day of adventure. Your rooms will be ready and you will be given the keys based on single occupancy, (unless requested otherwise).

For most activities, you will get on our motorcycles and ride for about 15 minutes on asphalt roads that lead up to Baños’ wonders. The attractions we will find here are zip lining (canopy), puenting (bungee jumping), Pailon del diablo, and el Manto de la Novia.

Ziplining is a great adventure activity to do if you are looking for a rush and to watch the most amazing landscapes in Ecuador. You will be tied to a cable with a harness in any position you prefer; you can go sitting down, on your stomach (superman), or hanging from your feet like a bat. You will cross rivers below you and spot all kinds of birds and trees that makeup Baños. This is an activity we definitely recommend.

Another nearby activity is puenting; unlike bungee jumping, you will be tied on your upper body with a harness and drop facing forward with a rope tied to a bridge. You will be swinging across both sides of the bridge and will feel the thrill of the Ecuadorian adventures dropping 35 ft after a big jump. This activity is for real adrenaline junkies and we do not recommend it for everyone.

Now, the Bride’s Mantle. This waterfall carries its name from the long and white trail the water forms as it is in the air waiting to strike the water down below, similar to a bride’s mantle. Located in the National Park Llanganates, this waterfall can be spotted best on a cable car ride. You will get on a blue car that can carry up to 10 people at a time and will take you 500 meters across the river and show you the beautiful waterfall. Once you cross you will notice the great variety of flora and fauna around the park, the most colorful flowers, and hummingbirds.

The Pailon del diablo or devil’s cauldron is the #1 attraction in Baños and we definitely suggest you pick this activity. A 5-minute ride away from the previous attractions, arrive and safely park our motorcycles right outside the entrance of the Devil’s den. You will need to hike down for about 15 minutes to arrive at the waterfall. During this hike, you will see all types of birds and plants that will catch your attention. We recommend hiking shoes and waterproof gear for your electronics. Once you complete the hike, you will see Ecuador’s favorite waterfall, the Pailon del diablo, a 90-meter high force of nature that soars through the air and crashes down on the main river. An activity definitely worth going to, it is a wonder to watch.

Other activities you can do that are located all around Baños are river rafting, baños de Cajon (box bath), and swing at the edge of the world. River rafting is an extreme sport in Baños which offers excellent experiences year-round. The Pastaza river is Ecuador’s most famous river for its continuous flows and tropical waters. Rafting offers up to 3 hours of downriver fun with different levels of difficulties and rapids you may wish. Baños de Cajon, can be done anywhere in town and consists of the following: you get inside a wooden box wearing only a bathing suit, you stand inside it while it warms up periodically, once on top temperature, the box opens immediately and you are “shocked” with a cold water hose sprinkled at you for a minute. This bath will help you recover from the miles covered on the bike and all other activities you’ve done in baños. Be sure that Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner always chooses the safest suppliers for these adventures.

The famous swing at the edge of the world, known locally as la casa del árbol, is the best place to spot the Tungurahua volcano. You will hover over our Andes mountains on a swing tied to a big tree on the ledge of a mountain. The swing stands at 2600 meters above sea level, it won’t only show you the best of our country, but it will also keep your heart rate way up. As you float on top of the Andes mountains watching the mighty active volcano, you may see its unique show of lava and ash in the sky.

Once you enjoy all your chosen activities, you could get some rest to enjoy our final activity for the evening. Ride a Chiva (party bus) to the top of the mountain surrounding the city. Get to the emblematic “cross” at the top, where you will be able to enjoy our local gastronomy like corn and cheese accompanied by our local drinks. You will spot the Tungurahua volcano from very close and with a little bit of luck, you’ll see the lava painting the black sky and its stars; a spectacle to watch. The volcano and the city light down below you are the perfect mix to finish your day of adventure.

324km (180 miles)



An early start will begin with a complete breakfast and then off to Alausi. The ride is on 2 lane asphalt roads for 4 hours until our next destination. During this part of your Ecuador tour, you will experience many types of turns: wide and closed turns, different climates and wind, and a lot of adrenaline. After our long ride, you arrive in Alausi, a town famous for its history going back to hundreds of years. It has a unique architecture with houses over 100 years old surrounding it.  Locally, Alausi is known for the carnival held during the month of February. A colorful parade is on display during this season with folkloric dancing and typical food being served for all the local tourists who visit. During the weekends, there are many activities to watch like: bullfighting, cockfights, and live concerts with local music.

Lunch based on local cuisine in Alausi and once we are ready to go, you will depart towards Cuenca. The road towards Cuenca will be a one-lane asphalt road in a part of the way, and the other part of the route will be 2 lanes. Our ride will be for 2 and a half hours towards a city that has wonders waiting for you to see and get to know about. Chimborazo volcano will be following us most of the way. With a little bit of luck, we will be able to see it in a clear sky. This mighty giant is currently an inactive volcano in the occidental range of the Andes, its last eruption was around 550 C.E. Its peak elevation is 6,263 meters (20,548ft) making it the farthest point from the center of the Earth, and also the Earth’s closest point to the moon. This volcanic monster is mostly glaciers as you get closer to the summit, and it is the main source of water for nearby cities and towns. With a bit of luck depending on climate conditions, we will be able to spot this giant making it a delight and a great opportunity to capture photos.

Be ready to enter the most historical place of your Ecuador motorcycle tour.

You have arrived in beautiful Cuenca city!

Ride to the selected hotel, and after today’s riding, it will be a blessing to your body. The hotel counts with thermal waters that will reassure your complete rest and recovery from today’s adventure. Check-in and have dinner based on local cuisine that will make you taste a bit more of the diverse Ecuadorian gastronomy. Finally, a nice dip in the thermal waters to call it a day.

251km (155 miles)



Cuenca, a city known as being the most delightful city in the country. A city in the southern section of Ecuador, known for the original handcrafting of the Panama hats, its beautiful cathedrals, the Devil’s nose train, Cajas National Park, and the great Tomebamba river crossing through it is waiting for you. This is one of the most iconic cities of Ecuador and it will assure to fill you with cultural knowledge about our beautiful country.

Here is the Homero Ortega Panama hat factory, where you can watch the complete manufacturing process of the hats. You will see them handcrafted right in front of you and then taken to the main plaza to be sold. Calderon Park is so full of history and it counts with a unique colonial and historical contrast that will open its doors to you. Cuenca is filled with beauties, full of lights surrounded by the Old and the New Cathedrals. The Old Cathedral was built around the 1500s, used as a church before, now it has become a museum to showcase its beautiful architecture. The New Cathedral has a bit different architecture, it being a more gothic style but just as wonderful. Both the Devil’s Nose train and Cajas National Park are activities outside the city. Cajas is located an hour ride west of Cuenca. It is a magical park full of Andean vegetation with a lake of glacial origin; plus a place to enjoy the presence of wild birds of the area and popular llamas and alpacas, an emblematic wild camelid of Cuenca. Now, the Devil’s nose train is one of the most daring engineering constructions of the world. The railway built back in 1899 goes through enormous rocky mountains and crosses to the Ingapirca ruins which have important remains from our Inca ancestors.

You will ride back up on our motorcycle rentals north for about 80km towards the Ingapirca ruins. An asphalt road with many sharp turns awaits us prior to the ruins. This ride will be very enjoyable as all the landscapes of Cuenca will be seen from a top point of view.

Ingapirca ruins are the largest in Ecuador, the only Sun Temple of the Inca Empire. It is commonly known that the temple was built with millions of stones under the order of Huayna Capac, Inca leader of the time. His main interest was to conquer nearby lands and expand his territory; building these structures would give him that. The purposes it had were military strategies and a place to worship the sun, the god of the Incas. The architecture demonstrates unique traits about our past culture like teamwork, toughness, and power.

A tour around the ruins has been hired by Ecuador Bike Rental and will be held there by local professional guides.

After your tour is complete, you’ll get back on our motorcycles and start heading west towards the coast, but not without having a proper lunch based on local cuisine. The road to Guayaquil is one lane fully asphalted. On this part of our tour, you will be challenged on the bikes, not only because of the sharp turns but because it is a very foggy area of the country. Ride thoroughly for 3 and half hours towards our final destination of the day. During the ride you will feel a big climate change, from the cold of the Andes, we will enter the warm humid coast. Your gear will begin to stick to you, hence feel free to remove any inner layers, the flora will start varying, and even the smell will be different. The nice breeze on your face will tell us that we are close. The final journey will be more relaxed, ride on a straight line where we can lean back and enjoy the road.

Once in Guayaquil, one of the main country ports, and locally known as the gateway to the Pacific Ocean beaches and the Galapagos Islands. You will notice how everything changes on this side of the country, from the gastronomy, home of the best seafood in the country, to the humid climate, the hospitality of its locals, and even the way they speak, a completely different accent to the people from the Andean region.

Once arrived to the hotel, the staff will assist you with the check-in and have a lovely dinner ready to greet you. You will be able to know first hand why the food from Ecuador’s coast is the best. After dinner, you will rest from a long riding day and recharge for the next morning’s activities.

172km (107 miles)



Good morning from Guayaquil, the city of the Astillero. The first thing you notice when you wake up is the warmth of the Ecuadorian coast. Have breakfast at the hotel, enjoying once again the great seafood Ecuador has to offer. After filling our tanks with this great local gastronomy, we will take the direction towards the famous Spondylus route, known for assembling the whole coast profile. Being at one of the most important cities in the country, you will definitely notice the difference in the number of people driving around the city. We will be very careful while we ride until we reach its outskirts. Then, we will relax and enjoy the Spondylus route. Our ride will be on asphalt road for about 2 hours.

You have arrived at Montañita town, an international convention center for all tourists and sports. It is a village on the peninsula of Santa Elena province. It is commonly known for its strong surf beaches and bohemian lifestyle, filled with tourists from all around the world and packed in every season of the country. Its top attractions are the nightclubs and the nightlife. This will be our little escape to have fun and disconnect from the world.

Its origins go way back to the 1960s when the beach was “founded” under a hippie culture and surfing hotspot. Filled with colors all around the center of the village, this place will keep you awake and alive at all times. Montañita, meaning “Little Hill” is an outgrowing town on the coast and over the past decade has become the top destination for locals and tourists.

It will make you feel a groovy sensation as soon as you check-in; it is not similar to the other hotels we’ve been at, this one will make you feel different. Surrounded by colors, nature, and ambient of relaxation, this will be a nice and needed twist to our tour. Your lunch will be ready at the hotel, following a surfing lesson which allows you to blend with the locals in their venue. Surfing will test you completely, it is a difficult sport to master, but once you get it down, you won’t be wanting to get out of the water any time soon.

After this activity, we will get some rest, and at night, you will enjoy the beach ambiance, the nightlife, the pastimes, and the hobbies of locals and tourists. The following day will be a non-riding day, therefore, feel free to enjoy the night as much as you can! Get ready to learn about the Latin nightlife experience.


The adventure continues, and now you have a full day to relax in beautiful Montañita. Feel free to take extra surfing classes, get to know the locals, and even have a day of paragliding over this amazing beach. Enjoy our local gastronomy, mixed with a few yoga classes and maybe a workout at the beach to keep your body running properly for the next day’s adventure!

85 km (53 miles)



Waking up in our very own “city of sin” can be hard, but we gotta continue giving you fun! You will have a late breakfast at the hotel, and once we have our stomachs full, continue the Spondylus route. Riding through asphalt road, with the ocean right next to us and a beautiful landscape and road filled with twists towards Los Frailes beach.

Los Frailes is considered one of the most breathtaking beaches in Ecuador. It is very exclusive inside the Machalilla National Park. You’ll have to go through gated access to be able to enter this natural wonder of Ecuador. A beach with not a lot of wind, surrounded by tall cliffs makes it a perfect place to relax.

It is not a packed place, as not many tourists know about the existence of the beach, making it one of the greatest to rest and shoot some great pictures. The water is deep blue and turquoise, crystal clear and temperate. It is a perfect place to do snorkeling and spot all types of fishes and small sharks. Unlike the beach in Montañita, the waves here are small, with a calm current; the perfect place to enjoy a good rest from your previous day.

Stay a couple of hours at Los Frailes and continue with your adventure up north to our next town. After recharging your batteries, you will head towards Machalilla National Park. Ride our motorcycles for an hour and a half on asphalt roads, and once you get to the national park we will have a little off-road. This park is one of the very first protected natural areas in Ecuador; it has beaches, fog forests, dry forests, small islands, and lakes. Machalilla is truly a wonder to visit, a place that contains an enormous variety of birds, wildcats, monkeys, trees, and flowers. The trees found here go way back to hundreds of years, ready to display their giant roots and trunks to you. One of its most famous spots is the sulfur lagoon in the middle of the fog forest, a place to take the best pictures of the trip. Then ride back to Puerto Lopez and call it a day at the hotel while we have a delicious dinner. You have a very exciting and touristy day ahead of you tomorrow!

0 Km


Ever heard of the Galapagos Islands? Well, Isla de la Plata is the closest we can get to the enchanted islands without having to get on a plane. Isla de la Plata is a small island off Ecuador’s coast close to Puerto Lopez town. It is an inhabited place filled with Galapago’s very own flora and fauna. Marine birds, wild birds, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, sea lions, sea turtles, and whales. An island 40 km away from the coast is ready to show you all its wonders. You will have breakfast at the hotel and proceed to leave towards Isla de la Plata. We’ll get on our bikes and head to the departing boats that will cruise through pacific ocean waters for about an hour.

During this boat ride, you will spot hunchback whales, dolphins, and with a little bit of luck, our iconic reef shark. Once we arrive, we will begin our hiking adventure where you pick the trail you want to follow and which animals you’d prefer to see. We will also be taking a ride on a private boat to better enjoy the ocean. You can take a dip in the warm pacific waters and swim with dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, and sharks. If you’d like, we can also set up a scuba diving class for you for your better experience in the national park.

Throughout the day we will be having food over local cuisine. Keep in mind that on the island the food is only going to be seafood. Once we get done exploring all that the silver island has to offer us, we will head back to Puerto Lopez on the boat, giving us another chance to spot whales and dolphins in the ocean. Once we are back, we will have dinner and rest to save energy for our next big day.

379 km (236 miles)



Rise and shine! We are at Puerto Lopez and it is time to start heading back up towards Quito, but first, we have one last stop. You will be riding through a wide top-of-the-line asphalt road towards Quevedo. These are some of the nicest roads we have in Ecuador, very wide, very well done, and amazing for a motorcycle tour ride. It is a well-known spot for local bikers, who often travel here from the capital during the weekends. From Puerto Lopez to Quevedo will be a 4-hour ride, challenging us to our best riding ability. We will make a quick stop to grab something to eat in this city. Known for its banana plantations, Quevedo is a big economical asset for Ecuador, being responsible for about 12% of the yearly income. After filling our tanks with local gastronomy, you will head towards Quilotoa lagoon.

Riding a motorcycle is our favorite thing to do, and once we get on the trail towards this beautiful lagoon you will begin to love it even more. You will ride through Quevedo for about 2 hours and will arrive on the final track towards Quilotoa. A one-lane asphalt road filled with very sharp turns, beautiful landscapes, and colder weather. Perfect views to take pictures, your guide will be looking out for the best places to do this. We will arrive at night, so we won’t be able to see much of the lagoon right now. Head towards your hotel, have a warm chicken soup, and call it a day after this very long ride.

222 Km (138 miles)


Have breakfast at the hotel, provided by the locals who live off what this lagoon produces. Now, we finally head towards our grand finale, Quilotoa lagoon. A 2-mile wide water-filled caldera with turquoise sulfur water. Formed by the collapse of the volcano about 500 years ago. There are two rims on this natural beauty, the first one has a beautiful deck hanging off the cliff where you can take amazing pictures. The second one has the hiking trail to get to the bottom and go on a kayak ride. The trail takes about 1 hour on the way down and 2 hours on the way back up. It is a hard trekking site but very worth the trip. If you want to, you can hire a mule to take you down and back up for $30 and save you the hassle. We recommend this hike very strongly, it is one of the most popular attractions in the country that you definitely don’t want to miss.

After doing our last adventure, will start heading back towards Quito following the preprogrammed GPS route. The changes between weather and landscape are noticeable within few kilometers and will let you experience our three worlds before closing our motorcycle tour in Ecuador.

We will finish your experience at our headquarters in Quito, where it all began; be ready to tell us your stories over a cold local beer.

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