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At latitude 0, Ecuador located in South America is one of the most diverse and, beautiful places that the world, has to offer for those adventurous spirits, living inside of riders and, motorcycling enthusiasts around the planet. Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner offers you, a wide range of Motorcycle tours and rentals. You can ride a motorcycle and, feel the freedom of an eagle in the Ecuadorian Andes. Enjoy the beautiful and warm beaches of the Pacific Coast or enter the magical world of the Amazon Basin. No matter what your destination is, our goal is to provide you with the adventure that many crave.

Since 2016, our mission has been to reveal Ecuador’s core to the world one of the most beautiful countries in south america and the world. As a 100% Ecuadorean company, our friendly staff, will be happy to introduce you to the culture, topography, flavors and people, that makes this country a unique place. And no better way to do it, than riding your own motorcycle and have the experience in your own hands. We have a great variety of dual sport, street, enduro and, cross for our motorcycle tours and rental, in the best brands.

Motorcycle Rentals

Adventure ready motorcycles, to explore South America on your own. Perfectly maintained at their own dealer shop, with specialized mechanics. We have a large variety of motorcycles for rent, KTMSuzukiHondaBMW and more. Regardless of your route, the motorcycles can be delivered anywhere in the country, with high quality safety gear, accessories and luggage systems.

Guided Tours

With our guided tours, you will not have to worry. Every single detail of your trip is taken care of. We will prepare in advanced hotelsactivitiesmeals and a guide that will take you off the beaten path and, to interact with the local people. With you and your whole party intercom-connected to our guide, you will take home the essence and, intimate memories of culture, topography and, flavors of Ecuador’s core.

Self Guided Tours

The right balance between a route, in constant change looking for perfection, and your free will empowering every day of the ride. From a day in the city, to 13 days riding a motorcycle through the different geography Ecuador has to offer. Our self-drive tour includes high end quality safety gear, a pre-programmed GPS with your route, hotels and must-see places with a backup paper routing, motorcycle luggage and a cell phone, our 24/7, operations support team will be ready to assist you.

Available Motorcycles

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4×4 Rental Truck

EBR, offers an extremely complete 4×4 rental vehicle, with a powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine, and 305 HP, being one of the most robust trucks in its class, apart from the most powerful and, most efficient fuel consumption.

Ideal for any 4×4 adventure, it works as a supply vehicle and, as a rental travel vehicle. With a cabin for 3 passengers, a mix of convenience and comfort, a distinctive sign of the FORD F150.

Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner has equipped our 4×4 truck, additionally with, a radio with Bluetooth connection, A/C, original soft-top bucket cover, a front bull bar with 4 fog lights, 20-inch OFF-ROAD 4×4 treaded tires, and raised suspension, to adapt to any road condition.

In addition, our 24/7 support team, will be there for anything you might need. The rental includes: a tire repair kit, tool kit, health and third-party insurance, suggestions on routes and advice, so you can enjoy your trip and leave Ecuador with the feeling that you got to know the core of the country.

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