Mojanda Lagoons

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CITY Quito
START Quinche / Quito
TIME 6 – 8 Hours
DISTANCE 160km | 100mi
SOURFACE 97% Off-Road
LOCATION NorthWeast of Quito
DIFFICULTY Medium / Expert / Enduro
ALTITUDE 2600mt to 3900mt ASL

Between cayambe and otavalo there is a volcanic formation known as the “hoya de mojanda cajas”, the “hoyas” are wide volcanic valleys located in the highlands of the andes. In this valley we can find the mojanda lake complex made by three famous lagoons: caricocha (male lake) or big lake, huarmicocha (female lake) or small lake and yanacocha or black lake. These lakes are connected by paramo paths and sorrounded by two mountains: fuya-fuya to the east and yanahurco or black mountain to the west. This destiny is acclaimed by adventurous tourists because it is the ideal place to camp out and enjoy nature. After enjoying the lakes it is possible to visit the otavalo market. “the cherry on top of the cake” in this trail is spending the night in a private hacienda where the family that owns it will recieve you with open arms, cozy rooms a warm bath and a delicious meal.


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