Chasquis Trail North

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CITY Quito
START Quinche / Quito
DESTINY Cayambe / Otavalo
TIME 6 Hours
DISTANCE 130km | 80mi
SOURFACE 99% Off-Road
LOCATION NorthEast of Quito
DIFFICULTY Medium / Expert / Enduro
ALTITUDE 2600mt to 3850mt ASL

This trail has a particular value because of it’s historical significance. It beggins in “el quinche”, in the pre-colombine era it was inhabitated by a variety of local communities who joined to fight the shyri invasion, the trail was part of the pre-hispanic road system. Then, in colonial times, it was used by the spaniards to expand their dominance. The most important landmark is “quito-loma” where you can see some pre-incaic ruins while enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view of quito and the andes paramos (highlands). Along the way, you will visit other special areas such as cochasqui prehispanic ruins, mojanda lagoons, and the well known otavalo market.


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