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CITY Quito
START Condado / Quito
TIME 5 – 7 Hours
DISTANCE 140km | 87mi
SOURFACE 95% Off-Road
LOCATION NorthWeast of Quito
DIFFICULTY Medium / Expert / Enduro
ALTITUDE 2100mt to 3500mt ASL

Quito is a very gifted city, the valley where it is located is sorrounded by breathtaking volcanoes. In this trail you will visit the pichincha province set of volcanoes and mountains that guard the capital of ecuador. In a few minutes of riding a dirt bike it is possible to go from rucu pichincha, to casitahua volcano. “rucu” means old in quechua (ancestral indigenous language), it is an extinct and almost 16000 ft. Volcano.

In this high altitude adventure it is possible to come across deer, wolfs and foxes. Also, as you get down to mindo, you can appreciate one of the most diverse high mountain humed forests in the world.


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