Lakes and Lagoons

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CITY Quito
START Quinche / Quito
TIME 6 – 8 Hours
DISTANCE 200km | 124mi
SOURFACE 96% Off-Road
LOCATION NorthWeast of Quito
DIFFICULTY Medium / Expert / Enduro
ALTITUDE 1500mt to 3000mt ASL

The imbabura province a.k.a. the province of lakes is known by its natural beauty and the most re-known lake full province, as it hosts plenty of water complexes.

In ecuador water  is one of the most abundant resources, this turns the country in one of the most beautiful scenarios in south america; san pablo, yaguarcocha, mojanda, san marcos and qüicocha, are the most famous lakes in the province of imbabura. In this trail you will also be accompanied by the majestuosity of the volcanoes imbabura and cotacachi. The incredible thing about this trail is that other than enjoying andean landscapes with cold and windy climate, it is also possible to feel the hot weather of the chota valley as you come down to this region inhabited by arround 25000 people  of african origin.


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