Casitahua Long Trail

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CITY Quito
START Condado / Quito
DESTINY Cayambe / Otavalo
TIME 5 – 6 Hours
DISTANCE 165km | 102mi
SOURFACE 97% Off-Road
LOCATION NorthWeast of Quito
DIFFICULTY Medium / Expert / Enduro
ALTITUDE 2700mt to 3800mt ASL

Pululahua volcano is within the only protected area of the country under the category of geobotanical reserve, it is located 20 km north of quito, near the middle of the world area. This trail goes from casitahua volcano into the valley of nono, in the foothills of the emblematic rucu pichincha volcano that guards the province. In this valley, if we are lucky, you’ll get to see spectacled bears (andean bears), cougars, toucans and a large variety of humming birds.

This zone is also known for it’s big display of orchids.


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