How about getting up in the morning, not worrying about your luggage, where to take a cab to go to the motorcycle shop, but instead, start your tour right away after a magnificent breakfast?

Thanks to a new agreement, and always thinking of service improvement and your comfort, now we can include your first night in Quito in all of our tours in our exclusive Hotel Boutique in La Marisca. Closer to the main restaurants, the old town (Historical center), and must-see places in the Ecuadorean capital. The unique premises of this hotel allows you to rest, feeling that you’re in the countryside in the middle of the city. The house where this business has been established belongs to a selected group of buildings declared as a patrimonial dwelling. This means that its outside remains unchanged since its construction in 1941, although its interior has been modified to give a homey touch. Hotel Villa de Sant has been with the Endara family for about 80 years and served as the home of many notorious names in Ecuadorean history throughout the years. Nowadays, it also forms part of the SAFE TRAVELS international initiative.

  Now, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner can help you to joy the benefit of a tax-free tour as part of the incentive from Ministerio de Turismo to bring people from all over to the country. Your saddlebags will be delivered to your room for you to prepare your luggage for the trip the night before, while we take care of your suitcases in the morning, storing them in a specific area inside the hotel, and your motorcycle ready to ride will be waiting for you downstairs. The hotel is allocated 5 minutes away from the main city exit to avoid losing time in traffic. A block away from the Mercado artesanal where you can do your last-minute souvenir shopping, the central Bank museum, the street comedians at Parque El Ejido, El Panecillo, and of our favorite restaurants such as Nativo lounge, was thought as a perfect strategical venue to start your adventure. This represents to you to be able to save time prior to your travel, and ride away trouble-free the morning of your tour. The hotel is equipped with a jacuzzi booked for your return and a professional masseuse to release the tiredness in your body after a long day ride, with a bar nearby to enjoy your favorite drink. No need to go anywhere else.

We also offer the service to and from the airport to make sure your stay is looked at right after your arrival.

We hope that by changing our business model this way, your experience in Ecuador will be beyond your expectations.

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