Manta in Ecuador, a classy city

Manta, a coastal fishing city with Ecuador’s largest maritime port, thrives on fishing and tourism, boasting 13 stunning beaches. Furthermore, over time, improvements aimed at providing an unbeatable experience to both national and foreign tourists have been implemented. Additionally, several areas offer bars, restaurants, discotheques, and shopping malls; moreover, the city boasts an international airport.

Manta in Ecuador

Various beach options cater to diverse activities like relaxation, cultural exploration, water sports, and savoring local cuisine.

Seafood and local cuisine lovers prefer this beach, renowned for its excellent gastronomic offerings, including the famous “Parque del Marisco.” Its 16 cabins restaurants whose main feature is the freshness of its ingredients, highlighting dishes such as ceviche, seafood rice, roasted shells, among other delicious options.

Murcielago Beach:

Its popularity for surfing, sport fishing, and kiteboarding make it the most visited destination, frequently hosting competitions. Moreover, the scenic Malecón nearby offers a delightful stroll along the beach with bars, shops, and restaurants to enjoy. Additionally, known for inclusivity, it features access ramps for people with reduced mobility, making it an inclusive beach destination.

Playa San Lorenzo:

It boasts a protected area, rendering it an idyllic spot for tranquil travel. Additionally, in its surroundings, rock formations and cliffs border the crystalline waters, where humpback whales visit from June to October, offering captivating shows with their colossal jumps.

El Pasaje del Mono trail:

Manta in Ecuador

A 2-kilometer walk enables entry into the forest, where toquilla palms grow, providing the raw material for famous straw hats, along with various bromeliads adorning and coloring the abundant vegetation.

Manta offers a complete seaside vacation experience with diverse cuisine and stunning sunsets etching unforgettable memories. All of these and much more you can visit on our Guided and Self-Guided Adventures.

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