Ecuador, more than being a country with a great diversity of flora and fauna, has a great tradition of food, some of which come from before the arrival of the Spanish, typical dishes of the Inca culture. That is why in addition to being able to travel by motorcycle one of the countries with the greatest visual appeal, we can proudly offer you a gastronomic route worthy of any King. Depending on the region you are in, you can be delighted with different dishes, and here you will find a small list of the iconic dishes according to your region. Mountain rangeLocro / potatoe soup One of the most delicious dishes of Ecuadorian gastronomy is, without a doubt, El locro de papas. This dish can be found distributed throughout the Ecuadorian highlands, from Ibarra to Loja, having small variations of their combinations in each place. A delicious potato soup that can contain cheese and / or fried pork skin, and is accompanied by avocado and toasted corn. Its creamy consistency and unparalleled flavor make this soup a true delicacy that should be tried if you are visiting Ecuador. In fact, if you do without cheese and pork skin it is a great vegetarian option or a healthy vegan alternative. Llapingachos Llapingachos are fried tortillas made with cooked potatoes and stuffed with cheese, which are usually dipped in a delicious peanut sauce, chorizo, fried egg, salad and avocado. That is one of the dishes most desired by foreign tourists, hence we recommend you try it, especially when you’ll be riding around Ambato city. CoastCeviche Ceviche or shrimp ceviche is a paramount tradition in Ecuador, especially in the country’s coast. A great option for a snack on the beach. Although shrimp ceviche is very popular since shrimp in Ecuador are of the highest quality, shellfish, fish and a variety of other seafood ceviche are also very famous. Although seafood ceviche are the most sought-after, most of all in the mountains they are prepared with chochos, hearts of palm (palmito), mushrooms, among others, with the aim of making it a great vegetarian option. In the mountains and the coast, it is prepared in different ways, and one of its peculiarities is that shrimps are not only cooked in lemon, but with different spices from each region. Be sure to try this delicious and light dish, which is very well accompanied with chili and a very cold national beer, as well as a garnish of chifles (thin slices of fried green plantains), patacones (flattened fried pieces of green plantains), kangaroo (popcorn) or roasted (roasted corn). Bolones de verde You cannot miss the experience of eating a delicious bolón de verde, whether it is stuffed with cheese, pork rind or both (mixed bolón). The most recommended place to try them is in the province of Manabi.

    The bolón de verde is prepared with green plantains that are cooked and crushed to form a dough, which can be filled with your choice. Subsequently, this dough is fried, baked or roasted. Bolones are usually eaten during breakfast, although they are so delicious that they can be part of dinner or served as accompaniments to other dishes. Bolones are usually accompanied by dried meat, fried or scrambled egg, and, of course, a cup of black coffee. It also offers the energy and stamina for your riding day. AmazonChontacuro / Pincho de Mayones This is a snack not suitable for the heart-fainted, a delicious native delicacy of the jungle.

  It is nothing more and nothing less than a worm that grows and lives in the chonta (coconut) tree. For consumption we can see them alive next to the grill, they are cooked only with grilled salt, and for the most daring they can be consumed alive in the purest jungle style. In addition to having a very good flavor, it has healing properties for respiratory problems. Maito de pescado In the purest Aboriginal style, you cannot stop trying this delicious dish consisting of a river fish from the area, wrapped in a bijao leaf, which gives it its characteristic flavor, marinated with local spices and brought to a slow fire by half an hour on the coals. This dish is accompanied by another typical food from the area, cassava (yuca) and fried plantains, cooked and the good chili characteristic of Ecuador. Chicha de Yuca /Cassava juice This drink is characteristic of the area, a refreshing drink and full of traditions.

    It is used as a seal of friendship, an ancient drink that is consumed on special occasions of the towns, this you see the process firsthand carried out by the aborigines, try it and be part of this ancient tradition. It is made based on cooked cassava and then scratched, to then combine it with water and at the end a little sweet potato is added to let it ferment for a few days. Every town has their own flavor and thanks to the locals that knows their ways, we can assure you that you will be treated with the best Ecuador has to offer you while riding your motorcycle from one delicacy to the next.  

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