You are about to enter the most diverse and fascinating country in all of America. Ecuador is ready to show you all of its beauty, and it won’t take you too long to experience all four worlds it has to offer. Three of them can be done riding a motorcycle, and Galapagos well… we always leave it as dessert.

Despite that Ecuador is a small country of only 283.560 km2, it has immense attractions recognized worldwide, both for being unique,  for its history, its beauty, its importance, and other data that make Ecuador an adventure destination to the world. Being crossed by the Andes mountain range, this small country has the great fortune to have 3 natural regions on the continent, the Sierra, Amazon, and the Pacific Coast, and an additional region known throughout the world, the magical Galapagos Islands. The name Ecuador comes from the fact that it crosses the equator that divides the planet into 2 hemispheres, and thanks to this feature, between 1736 and 1744, French scientists managed to discover that in addition to the passage of the Equator, this small country owns an amazing diversity of fauna and flora. Over 300 species of mammals only have been found and avifauna of 1634 species, from which 7 are endemic of the Andes region and 30 for Galapagos. Furthermore, there are 4000+ species of orchids in the country, and if that’s not enough, the country is with its zero latitudes will make you feel lighter as it’s the furthest point from the earth’s gravitational point.

As Alexander Von Humbolt said:

“Ecuadorians are rare and unique beings: they sleep peacefully in the midst of crisp volcanoes, they live poor in the midst of incomparable riches and rejoice with sad music.” «There are no inferior races; all of them are destined to achieve freedom » The Andes mountain range, covers 7,000 kilometers through South America, filled with 27 active volcanoes and non-active volcanoes fed by the ring of fire in the pacific. You will be looking around for natural beauty all the time and as a company, the objective is for you to enjoy riding a motorcycle of your choice in a tour across these features way off on the beaten path. Ecuador has 98 volcanoes, of which 27 are active, potentially active, and erupting.  

  Among the active volcanoes, we have is the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, and its last eruptive event began in 2015, currently, we can see its fumaroles coming out and giving us a unique show. In addition to this, we can find the closest point to the sun, as you heard it, the Chimborazo Volcano with 6268 masl, makes it the closest point to the sun measured from the center of the earth, being 1.8 km higher than the famous Everest and, Cayambe which is an only active volcano in the world to be crossed by the Equator. Among so many volcanoes we find an enchanted lagoon, it traps inside the crater of another volcano, this one now extinct, its turquoise waters contrast with the stone walls, the blue sky, and the colorful costumes of its inhabitants, making it, said by National geographic, in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, we are talking about the Quilotoa Lake located at 3800 masl. In the Amazon we can visit the exact point from which Gonzalo Pizarro began his journey to discover the gigantic and most mighty river in the world, the Amazon River, we will also share with the tribes that live in it, their customs, food, and traditions, places with very few changes during history, animals such as monkeys, snakes, tapirs, birds of all colors and sizes since Ecuador was declared a paradise of biodiversity.

We can not forget its beaches, The Coast will make you taste the most delicious seafood on the continent, around breathtaking beaches for all types of tourists, places with unmatched beauty, bathed by warm waters in which we can take a bath any day of the year thanks to the geographical location they are in, they keep their waters at a temperature of between 23 and 26 degrees during all year round, perfect for various activities such as surfing, diving, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the sand and enjoying a sunset.

Ecuador has 18 indigenous nationalities, which makes it the ideal place to get to know a large number of ancestral cultures, contrasts between pre-hispanic cultures that until today maintain their traditions, and clothing, the perfect complement for an adventure on a motorcycle that will take us along roads that would otherwise be much harder to know.

All three worlds are all part of our small but rich country where you will enjoy whether you come with family or friends and take an unforgettable experience back home with you. As you begin your adventure, you may ask yourself, which tour would be best for me? We are here to help you decide and give you reasons why a short or long tour may or may not be the best fit for you. Would you like a long tour that will take you all around Ecuador or a short tour to only visit specific places of your desire in the Coast, Andes, or Amazon? Do you prefer to ride on asphalt road only or only off-road or a mix between both? Keep in mind that our roads are not on a straight line as you may be used to, Ecuador is known for its roads with sharp turns that challenge motorcyclists on a daily basis. The great thing about this decision is that it is completely up to you! Ecuador Bike Rental will tailor your adventure to your preferences and ensure top-of-the-line quality assistance, service, and performance. Whichever tour you choose; we’ll make sure you are well taken care of and have an experience you will never forget. Contact us and we will be happy to offer you more information.

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