Suzuki DR650 2019 Motorcycle Review Although it is true that the Suzuki DR650 continues to sell hundreds of units around the world, 2020 was its last year of manufacture. it should be noted that the changes in it throughout the years have been minor, since its launch in 1990. However, every time there are more motorcyclists who prefer this motorcycle compared to others. Why? here’s a quick summary of what makes this machine one of the preferred ones for projects like riding the world.

Driving and comfort Thanks to the versatility and ergonomics of the model, it offers a comfortable driving position and good control so that you can travel without any problem, it has a kit of original accessories of the brand, which contribute a lot to comfort at the time of driving. A prime point is its long and comfortable seat, much better than an enduro motorcycle: wide, flat, and with foam that does not become soft and sticky.   Weight By nature, these bikes are light with a dry weight of 147kg and a wet weight of 166 kg, this provides better maneuverability, control, and freedom of movement. Worth mentioning that if the plan is to travel long distances, then your best bet is to change the fuel tank to a bigger one, such as the acerbis or Safari model.

Engine power and performance The DR650 offers a compact and powerful motor, smooth and effortless. In addition to having an electric starter that, as its name mentions, makes starting much easier and faster. An advantage of this is that it is much quieter, and by nature, off-road. In addition, it has an oil cooling radiator that helps balance the temperature which provides good engine operation.   Brakes The brakes are simple, but they work very efficiently, the front disc has plenty of power and the rear is more predictable, it also has a good feel and power, just like everything else on this bike. A single 280 mm disk brake does the trick to stop the light bike.

Reliability Simply put, we use this motorcycle to withstand the use and abuse from the most demanding customers from all over the world and it hasn’t disappointed. You can check it in our fleet under rentals, you will definitely have a good time The Suzuki brand motorcycles over the years have managed to gain trust, thanks to their quality and economy, however, the Suzuki DR650 is recognized for its dual purpose with which you can travel on the street, pavement, or trails easily. 

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