Cuenca in Ecuador

Cuenca, the third-largest city in Ecuador. Generally, accessible from all directions via the Pan-American Highway and various paved and dirt roads. What makes this city so special is its history, which very well explains, in a nutshell, the arrival of the Spaniards to the continent and the continuous struggle with the Indigenous.

This trip is aimed at people who love motorcycles and love the culture, who want to enter Ecuador through an unparalleled place between the harmony that prevails on each building where the culture left by their ancestors still lives and, handcrafts of the present, such as the paja toquilla hats.

In Cuenca there are endless places where you can explore culture and beauty, however, today we will tell you about a few places that we are sure you will like since they fit into your motorcycle travel plan, just like in our guided tours.

Tomebamba river and el barranco: 

Being an important part of the basin tourism, the Tomebamba river in the Cajas National Park, mixing with some rivers, is perfect to travel with your motorcycle along the river banks enjoying the tranquility and the sound of the water. The Barranco declared an emblematic sector thanks to its natural passage and its architecture. Also from its location, you can have a perfect viewpoint of the Tomebaba river.

EL Mirador Turi: 

Considered a Romantic destination, having a spectacular and unique view of what many know as the Old Cuenca and New Cuenca. In other words, the historic center, and the modern Cuenca.

La Antigua Catedral: 

The building now serves as a museum due to the city’s population growth, rendering it insufficient for its original purpose. It is recognized thanks to its antiquity, exactly founded in 1557.

Cuenca in Ecuador

Ruinas de Los Incas, Ingapirca: 

Being one of the most important pre-Columbian scenes in Ecuador located symmetrically on the top of a mountain. The sun aligns, casting its light over every corner, illuminating the lush green landscape and the diverse wildlife inhabiting it.

Cuenca in Ecuador

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