This is a piece of a blog written by one of our clients. James from California, the United States came to have an epic ride in Ecuador. We hope you enjoy it.

“Naturally, every motorcycle trip is impressive. However, in this instance, I want to tell you about one of the most incredible experiences I had to go through. This began in Guamote in the province of Chimborazo at 6268 meters above sea level.

Several people spoke to me about the Palmira desert, so I did not hesitate any longer and I decided to contact a tourism company specialized in the subject of motorcycles, being one of my passions, I would never put it aside. Around my search, I concluded that Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner and their services were the best choice, which, and until now, I still think was the best decision I could have made.

Mini Sahara Desert

We traveled for approximately 4 hours but it felt like time flies on a motorcycle, and even more on the thrill of the Suzuki DR 650 that, I was able to get with an important discount. We arrived at the sand dunes, which is the entrance to the desert, in the blink of an eye, the landscape turns green from the surrounding pine trees.

Obviously, before making the tour of the desert, we spoke with the community that gave us a specific path to be able to travel with motorcycles so as not to disturb the tourists who visit the place. It was then that we began our trip through those pines that cover all over the place. After a while, we reached the small desert that only compares to the famous Sahara desert.

However, the desert has been decreasing over time, but even so, the landscape is impressive thanks to the sunrise and sunset pine forest that is around the sandbanks. If you’re into pro photography, this is definitely one of the spots to check in Ecuador.

We had to return, but the adventure did not end there, we had to set up our tent, you already have the possibility of camping, and believe me, is a unique experience seeing the sky as never before, so clear that you even realize that the sky doesn`t have only one color tone, but it has a range of magenta and navy blue that together with the light of the stars manages to provide a spectacle to everyone who looks at it, at that moment you become ecstatic with beauty.

One recommendation that I can give you is that you enjoy the trip with the best company and if you are like me, a motorcycle lover, choose well with who you are going with so that your experience is complete.

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