We listen to our customers. Hence, we are working on our Enduro motorcycle tour. One made for those warriors that would like to get the most of backroads to an affordable price.

    We are delighted to work with Ecuadorian companies that are always looking to bring the best to the country. And that benefit, we would like to extend it to our clients, and so we decided to get a 250 four-stroke machine for the test. We’ve been riding this motorcycle for over 200 hours and it turns out to be a winner. With adjustable suspension and forks, the new BAJA JP1 has ergonomics very similar to the KTM 250 EXC-F. Its lightweight of 108 kg (237 lb) is a joy from start to end, making your ride effortless without the compromise of riding an inexpensive-to-fall machine.

photo It delivers 27 horsepower and it was 23 N-m on torque, which makes it easy to handle and enough for the non-competition enduro rides. Plus, we all know that when it comes to Enduro, things can be broken, so spare parts are cheap and an easier motorcycle to maintain.

  With a rental price of USD 65 per day, it includes your protective gear, 24 hrs unlimited mileage, camel bak, and a tail sack for your belongings.

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