TripAdvisor Traveler’s choice award, 3rd year in a row

We are excited to announce that, ECUADOR BIKE RENTAL won the TripAdvisor Traveler’s choice award for the third consecutive year. We are really happy to get this award because it results from the dedication, discipline, hard work, and effort we have invested in our tourist organization to accomplish our client’s wants, needs, and trips satisfactions. ( Once again we are the best travel agencies in Ecuador.)

TripAdvisor Traveler’s choice award

Ecuador Bike Rental has had the privilege of being part of TripAdvisor for four years, contributing to millions of collected opinions. Today, the public opinion and travelers’ experiences are pivotal in distinguishing and globally recognizing a tourist company.

The online platform spans 49 countries and hosts over 7 million businesses, including tourism organizations, hotels, and restaurants. The online platform spans 49 countries and hosts over 7 million businesses, including tourism organizations, hotels, and restaurants. It receives more than 400 million visitors, comments, and reviews. Through visitor reviews and comments, companies have the opportunity to be heard and established as the best in the area. Therefore, the Travellers Award is a big deal in the tourism sector and is what all companies are looking for.

What is the Travelers Choice award all about? To earn the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, your company must meet specific requirements and achieve high rankings in visitor evaluations. TripAdvisor’s requirements are based on your company’s quality within your country and its ability to meet travelers’ expectations. So, visitors that get the opportunity to travel with your service, give the organization a score on the platform, and this score positions the company in the tourism field as a recommended organization or not.

TripAdvisor Traveler’s choice award


Do you know what are the factors in the platform that travelers have to evaluate?   Well, those factors are quality, accessible prices, location or distance, and client service, among others, and depending on the quality of the reviews made and the number of comments your company has, makes your company is the one that deserves the award. Thus, only companies meeting these criteria become the most viewed and beloved by visitors and tourists on the platform.

That is why the award from TripAdvisor is so important. It positions your company in a good ranking so many travelers can reach you. Ecuador Bike Rental showed that Ecuador is the traveler’s first choice and one of the most wanted companies in our amazing country.  

Thanks to our exceptional team, Ecuador Bike Rental emerged victorious in the competitive tourism business arena, earning this prestigious award. Ranked in the top 10% of tourists’ choices, our success on TripAdvisor reflects our commitment to excellence. Rest assured, our service is worth it. If you plan to visit Ecuador, contact us; we won’t disappoint you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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