Denali, the next in the 7 summits 2 wheels project

Are you ready for the most anticipated motorcycle adventure of the year? Davos “Gambito” Garcés it’s preparing himself to accomplish his most important goals and objectives that has been raised throughout his sports career. Davos is 38 years old born in Ambato, Ecuador. He graduated from Quito as a Mechanical Engineer and his passion is based on mountaineering and motorcycles. The sportsman has been able to crown the majority of the snowy mountains of Ecuador. Since 2011, he has practiced international mountaineering, such as Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn, and Mont Blanc, among others. Hew also has been in 83 countries and ridden in 40 of them. He is now dedicated to adventure and extreme sports. He competed in the “Panamerican championship motorcycle race in the 1000cc category in 2015” for Ducati, Ecuador winning first place. His adventurous and sportive spirit inspired him to be in the future the fourth Ecuadorian in climbing the 7 peaks and the first one to do it on a motorcycle up to the highest possible point. You may wonder, what are the 7 summits? Well, the 7 summits are the highest mountains in the world that are located on the seven continents. They are the Everest (Asia), Aconcagua (South America), Denali (North America), Kilimanjaro (África), Monte Elbrus (Europe), Pirámide de Carstensz (Oceanía)  and Monte Vinson (Antártica). Therefore, the project consists of being able to climb the seven peaks mentioned before. Thus, reaching their highest point on a motorcycle where you can show your skills, the capacity to endure extreme climates, long roads, among other difficulties. The project is divided into phases in which each phase represents each summit. David Gambito Garcés has already climbed three of the seven summits (Monte Elbrus – Europe, Kilimanjaro – África and Aconcagua – South America). For this reason, in December 2019, he proposed to launch project #7summits2wheels in order to crown the 7 summits altogether. The mountaineer gave a unique, adventurous, and extreme touch which is to get to the highest possible point of the mountain riding a motorcycle and, the hardest of all, in solitary. The mountaineer Davos, during this whole time, has been training in order to achieve his next goal of the 7 summits: Denali in North America in April 2022 (it’s the first phase of the project). He has put dedication, discipline, and determination to be capable of enduring the extreme routes with ups and downs, climates conditions, being in a motorcycle for a long time, resisting long distances, being able to be completely alone, among other challenges that he has to face during his journal in Denali. He has been preparing himself in the highest mountains of Ecuador such as Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, and Antisana. As the days go by, Gambito keeps climbing mountains, riding long distances, passing through rocky and mud pads, and improving his off-road skills. Also exposing himself to climates close to the ones in Denali with the purpose of summiting this wonderful summit in April 2022 and in the future, continuing with the project in order to ascend the remaining summits and complete this incredible experience.   The greatest adventurist is the one who proposes goals and challenges to fulfill them by putting his sportive skills and abilities to the test. Accomplish this project would show the mountaineer, sportive and motorcyclist skills of our sportsman and you, would be able to follow the pad and live the experience throughout the #7summits2wheels project.   So, are you ready for the greatest adventure?

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