Unforgettable motorcycle rides in Ecuador (Part 2)

Northwest culture revival This is a tour of 4 days and 3 nights where we explore places in the Ecuadorian Sierra. You will go from Quito to Mindo, but on the way, you will find Nono, a place full of history. Arriving at your destination, you will have the best chocolate adventure since you will visit a place where the most delicious fine aroma cocoa chocolates are made. All this after checking in at the La Bicok ecolodge to rest. The next day, you will start your journey to see the landscapes and their maximum diversity in the north of the country. Also, you will visit the Cuicocha lagoon located in Imbabura where you can have a delicious lunch and boat rides. On the third day, you will visit waterfalls and lagoons where the activities will not go unnoticed, which will make you enjoy the tours much more.

Take over Ecuador If you love traveling and getting to know as well as exploring new places, this tour is perfect for you. You will visit many cities and beaches of this beautiful country, where you will enjoy the Costa, Sierra, and Amazon regions of Ecuador. So ride your motorcycle and go on this beautiful journey to the adventure of a lifetime, where you will be filled with knowledge about different cultures. The first place to be visited is the Amazon region with its temperate tropical climate, where you will enter the jungles. Here you will get to visit Misahuallí, where unique activities happen. In general, to highlight some of these beautiful and charming places, to mention few: on the Coast, you will visit cities as well as the beautiful beaches of the Manabí province, Isla de la Plata which departs from the city of Puerto López where there is a great variety of animals, many of which inhabit the Galapagos Islands. In the Sierra, with its cold climate, you must wear suitable clothing. You will make stops in Baños de Agua Santa, a beautiful place with landscapes and intense activities to enjoy, and heading further north, you will find the Quilotoa Lagoon that has a beautiful emerald green color. This trip lasts 12 days and 11 nights. It’s the best experience you will have in your life with your adventure companion which is your motorcycle.

Off-road expedition in Ecuador Every day, as in all tours, you will have various stops where you can complement your experiences with the adrenaline of exploring little-traveled roads, and cruising on the motorcycle feeling the breeze. The places that you will know will be clearly hidden towns, autochthonous where you meet people with their traditions and culture, such as harvesting in their fields or taking care of their livestock. This experience will allow you to live unique moments apart from the fact that you will travel to Ecuadorian beaches. There, you will have many activities, you will eat seafood dishes with the juices of the delicious fruits that exist in Ecuador. You will feel full freedom and satisfaction to explore all these wonderful places on your motorcycle that will accompany you throughout the journey.

Hot and cold This trip will make your skin feel the different climates that the country has, where every moment of the trip on your motorcycle is unique. You will go from the cold of the mountains and volcanoes that are in the Sierra, to the warm part of the tropical areas of the Amazon. Various activities are booked for you, leaving you captivated and wanting to return and stay many more days. This tour lasts 5 spectacular days and 4 nights where you can rest, get to know, explore and enjoy Ecuador.

Off-road adventure. Here you will pass along the Sierra region. It will begin with the departure from the city of Quito, visiting several cities in the Sierra such as Otavalo, Baños de Agua Santa, among others. In some of the cities, you will do extreme activities such as kayaking, rafting, and other fun sports. The next day, you will go to Misahuallí, which is in the Amazon, where you can visit one of the indigenous communities in the area. As well as being able to enjoy more things and try delicious and unique traditional dishes. On the way back, you will pass through Sigchos, a community in the Sierra with a very cold climate, but with very warm people who will welcome you in the most beautiful way. The road you have to travel varies from asphalt to off-road roads, in which your motorcycle will pass without any problem. This beautiful tour will take 9 days and 8 nights.

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