ROUTESSince the pandemic began more than a year ago, we have had many travel restrictions. Of course, all that was for our own safety, and that is not refuted. But now that normality is gradually arriving and with it the desire to go out and travel the world to be able to know it and enjoy its wonders. Well, Ecuador Bike Rental brings you the best motorcycle travel options so you would be able to enjoy each exciting journey with your motorcycle, with that faithful companion, with your friends, partner or you can even meet more people who love to travel just like you. UNFORGETTABLE MOTORCYCLE RIDES IN ECUADOR It is time to grab your adventure spirit to travel on one of our motorcycles to explore every corner of beautiful Ecuador which is full of natural wonders, warm people who welcome you and receive you with open arms, and all the good energy that will make you feel at home. Its gastronomy is so extensive that you will have many delicious dishes to delight in, giving pleasant sensations to your taste buds.    

Quito The Face of GodIf you want to know places that leave you incredible experiences and learnings in Quito, La Carita de Dios is the best option. In this city, the first cry for independence was given in all of Latin America. Also, in the city center, you will find architectural wonders from more than two centuries ago. Ecuador Bike Rental has the ideal tour for you since here you can meet, try and venture through the different places that we will take you throughout the day. You will start with the Pululahua volcano as your first stop, then you will go to the Solar Intiñan museum where you will learn about the Inca culture and how they worshiped the Sun God. This tour will make you want to know more and soak up all the history, culture, and landscapes. It lasts a full day, which you will surely want to repeat.

Mindo DirtEnjoy incredible landscapes accompanied by a totally unique climate, where you will have to wear nothing but comfortable and fresh clothes. But, the best thing will be the ride, since you’ll be going through the hummingbird route. It will simply be the most pleasant sensation you will have over the day. Mindo is known for being a place full of biodiversity. During the trip, we will pass through several equally interesting and unique places that will captivate your gaze. First, we will go to Nono, which has a great history to know. Then, we will go through a route known as “Paseo del Kinde”, where you will observe some types of birds along the way. Followed by this, we will take the road to Mindo. After registering at the hotel you will go to one of the places where fine and very tasty chocolates are made. Afterward, we will go to the butterfly farm, where you can learn much more about it. Also, you will go to the Nambillo waterfall and you will decide if you want to enter and get wet in the waters of the waterfall. Activities such as canopying will make you live to the fullest, getting that adrenaline of traveling with a zip line from stream to stream. Almost ending the trip, we are going to grab our things with our motorcycle to go to the Middle of the World where you will be able to learn more about our beautiful Ecuador, especially about its aboriginal cultures. It is a perfect tour of 2 days and 1 night that will make you learn and enjoy a lot.

Gateway to the Amazon basin.Discover the doors to enter the Amazon, it is located approximately 186 km southeast of Quito. We headed to our destination, Baños de Agua Santa, which is located in the province of Tungurahua, sheltered by the volcano that has the same name Tungurahua. This volcano has a height of 5,023 meters above sea level and is still an active volcano. When you arrive at your hotel, you will unpack and prepare to go out on a Chiva (party bus). La Chiva is a kind of bus where they play local music, dance, and give you drinks and in it, you will take a tour around Baños. The next day, you will ride your motorcycle on a tour that will be practically along the Pastaza River where you can stop to take pictures of the landscape. The cobblestone path and the wonderful view are the ideal touches for the complete travel experience. This also includes the Pailon del Diablo, the second biggest waterfall in Ecuador. On the last day, you will ride your motorcycle to go to the treehouse. Here you can enjoy an outdoor swing in which while you’re swinging, you can enjoy the majestic view of all of Baños. After lunch, you will return to the city of Quito where you can tell us about the experiences you had on this splendid trip.

Three worldsIn this tour of 7 days and 6 nights, you will visit many cities of the country such as Quito, Baños, Chimborazo, Cuenca, Ingapirca, Guayaquil, and Montañita in which the activities will be the focus of the most fun experiences. Of course, without neglecting the tour and the company. From the first day, we are going to head towards Baños de Agua Santa. After the long journey, you will arrive at the hotel and you can go out to visit the environment and get to know it. The next day, you will have some activities to do. Among them, is the zip line where you will be hanging from a harness with pure adrenaline which you can choose how to travel in the sea sitting, lying down, or hanging by your feet. Then, you can enjoy the Pailón del Diablo and then walk 15 minutes to the devil’s refuge that at the end has a beautiful waterfall. The next day, we will go to Cuenca, a beautiful city known for its diverse architecture where you can explore and get to know it in order to learn about its history. Then the next morning, we will visit the ruins of Ingapirca and we will take a tour with native guides who will give us an explanation about the whole place. After finishing the tour, we will go to Guayaquil, a coastal city in the country, and then travel to Montañita where there will be beach activities such as surfing, among others to enjoy and learn about. Then you will give yourself a cultural return, in which, as you progress to your destination, which is Quito, you will get to know more wonderful places and cities nearby.

Spondylus route  This tour will make your ride go up north of the beauty of two worlds within the country on the wheels of your motorcycle. This is basically a tour that goes from the Sierra to the Ecuadorian Coast where you can enjoy various activities as you go through the beautiful and unique cities in Latin America. You will travel from the top of the cold mountains of the Sierra to the hot coastal beaches of Ecuador. The coastal cities will offer you beaches with absolute beauty and a warm climate. Therefore, you should wear light clothing to enjoy this beautiful tour. The roads will be asphalt, so you are going to enjoy a spectacular trip driving the motorcycle that you have chosen.

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