Ecuador Bike Rental By Sleipner offers you a tour full of adrenaline and incredible experiences that will start from the city of Quito and will go towards the Mountains of Peru passing through different cities of the Andes, riding through spectacular places with history and tradition that you will surely love. Now we officially go international.

On the first day, there will be a long stretch of approximately 8 hours to the Ecuadorian coast, where the rest stop will be the beautiful city of Cuenca. It is worth mentioning that, as we move forward with this route, stops will be made where you will know some provinces of the Andes such as Ambato, Riobamba and you will be able to know first-hand the history of Ecuador in the oldest church in the country in Colta. The further we advance we will find a beautiful change in climate, from the cold Mountains to the hot coast, here we will observe a majestic landscape of both regions. This blog just represents a summary of the tour, the in-detail agenda will be found in our Tours section pretty soon.

On the second day, we will travel 328 kilometers towards the coast of Ecuador until we reach the city of Machala, which is characterized by being hospitable and is a rich coffee-growing area. Saying goodbye so soon to the country that offers us unique places, we continue to the Piura region in Peru, a destination that will make you want to return, known for its beautiful beaches, the customs and traditions of its people, discovering places full of charm.

Leaving Piura we will go to Trujillo on our third day, where the road that you’ll ride is 99% asphalt for a calmer and quieter trip, here you will feel like you are on an infinite highway surrounded by kilometers of sand while next to you You will have the right to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Trujillo is one of the many beautiful cities that Peru has, rich in history since it is the first city in the country to become independent from Spain. The city is well known for the traditional dance La Marinera which is very popular in the country, in the colonial center is the Cathedral and near here.

Incredibly, on the fourth day of the trip we headed from Trujillo to Huaraz, passing through its winding roads worthy of motorcycling lovers and crossing the famous Pato Canyon towards the snow-capped mountains where we can rest appreciating its spectacular landscapes, it should be noted that in the Right part of this canyon is the Cordillera Negra, an Andean branch that receives this name from the color of its stone and to the left, the Cordillera Blanca, named for the glaciers and snow-capped mountains that can be seen, since they are the highest in Peru, located in the Huascarán National Park, a World Heritage Site.

As soon as the fifth day begins we will be riding a spectacular route that takes us to the Punta Olímpica Tunnel, which is the highest in Peru and in the world until we reach Huaraz, being the perfect city as a starting point to know all the wonders that the Callejón offers of Huaylas. The sixth day in Huaraz will be a full day to see beautiful landscapes as you feel good about the height of the place.

On the seventh day in Huaraz, we go to Chimbote where you will see one of the most beautiful combinations of the Sierra with the Coast. You will enjoy the heat and the beach that Chimbote has to offer a few days of pleasure and rest.

On the return to the eighth day, we will visit Pacasmayo, a perfect destination to rest enjoying the delicious gastronomy of the place, surrounded by old houses that reveal its beautiful Republican-style architecture and a pier by the sea perfect to watch the sunset with an exquisite fruit cream. During the ninth day, you will take a break with activities of your choice to make your trip more pleasant, you can choose to visit the archaeological ruins of Pakatnamú and the Cerro de Dos Cabezas in the Jequetepeque district or simply sunbathe on the beach.

On the tenth day, we will leave Pacasmayo to Zapotillo. Here you can take a photo at the border in case you forgot before, Zapotillo is in the province of Loja and is known as the hidden paradise on earth for its wonderful lush landscapes and green, we’ll stay there for the night. From Zapotillo to Cuenca on the eleventh day, you will enjoy the Athens of Ecuador, a city of churches and fabrics full of colors, contrasts, tradition, and culture.

Finally, on our twelfth day, we start the morning in the city of Cuenca and head to Quito, on the way we will have a view of majestic volcanoes that make up the Andes Mountains. Upon arrival we will enjoy a well-deserved rest at the hotel taking a bath in the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine, remembering the trip, and sharing the experience among friends of getting to know these two countries that are completely different but similar in culture.

Without a doubt, it will be a very challenging trip full of adventures and wonderful places that not just anyone can see, feel lucky to enjoy with us at Ecuador Bike Rental.

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