Safe way to ride a motorcycle

Surely at some point, you have been curious to know a little more about the world of motorcycles and everything that is required to know to ride on the safe side. It is very pleasant for us to share with you a small note about how this world works. We offer tips based on our experience to provide more information and help resolve uncertainties. These notes are taken from a professional rider and years of being in the motorcycle rental industry in Ecuador. So this is the Safe way to ride a motorcycle:

Consider both the positives and negatives of motorcycling to assess if it’s suitable for you, acknowledging its risks and rewards. That being said, there’s always the fun side of it too.


The joy of having a faithful companion in your motorcycle, ready to go anywhere with just a helmet and gear. Get out on the road to clear your mind and reflect while riding. You can have experiences of all kinds and beyond everything, regardless of your gender, you have a huge community with whom you can also share, explore and live unique experiences. 

Sharing the experience as a couple deepens the bond, feeling the wind and elements together, fostering an unbreakable connection. We can speak by experience with customers, that a few days riding has worked as the perfect therapy for a father and his offspring, couples, friends, and business partners.


While motorcycling is beautiful, prioritize safety by taking necessary precautions to ensure a fulfilling and secure experience. Since you are exposed, and many times there could be streets in poor condition that can cause a fall or an unexpected event that can cause a serious injury or a conflict with another driver.

Without further ado, let’s get to the point:


It is very important to have good equipment to safeguard your life in the event of some kind of accident, which is why we present the following. Although we have to emphasize that every item is important, we have listed them in what we believe is crucial downwards:


You love to feel smart and that good-looking face, right? Despite the obvious, according to a report from, the percentage of head/face injuries in mild accidents could be simply avoided by the use of one. This being said, is very important to buy a good helmet with the proper certifications since serious injuries mostly involve head trauma. Even if it doesn’t look so cool nor free, we do recommend getting a full face or modular adventure helmet to protect that pretty face of yours, and thus avoid having skin grafts caused by an accident. Depending on where you live, you may choose to have a set of two visors, especially for those bright summer days, remembering to carry a second clear visor for dark hours.


It is important that you always wear them and that they cover your calf to avoid injuries due to twisting force when getting off the motorcycle, or during a slip with the bike. This last one is one of the most common falls, whether you lose the front (low side) or the rear tire (high side).


Needless to say, the vital internal organs of your body are located in your torso, for this reason, protect them. The jacket acts as armor to cover your back as well as your elbows, arms, and shoulders. They come basically in two materials: leather and fabric. Usually, for adventure riding, the common type is fabrics, from which you have a huge variety and prices. Some are water-resistant, whereas others are fully breathable and waterproof.


Sliding on cement is not fun for anyone, especially for those wearing jeans or shorts. I’ve sled myself at 90 km/h on asphalt, and my arse couldn’t be more grateful of having purchased a full leather suit, that saved my rear good-looking side. While sometimes we feel is an effort to wear them, you’ll never know when rain, cold, or an accident could hit your way.


Gloves will be part of your daily use or at least when you ride your motorcycle. They must be armored, they must have good grip, breathability, and water-resistant the least, to provide great protection to the elements and covering the upper part of the knuckles and coverage up to the wrists.



Taking these classes helps you improve your driving style and helps you hone this skill, so you know how to look up, down, through curves, and more. In addition, you will learn all the basics you need to know about motorcycles. Did you know that survival reflexes are the ones responsible to make your predicament worse on a motorcycle? How about countersteering?, Break management? is not the same to break on wet, gravel, or dry asphalt.


Most experienced riders have not started riding a Ducati V4 Panigale, so it is not essential to have one. You can start with a motorcycle that you like and suit your needs.Opt for a motorcycle one level above based on your intended use to maximize value and prevent boredom. If you plan to ride the TAT (Trans American Trail) or keep yourself on asphalt. The bike you buy will have to have in that direction.

Explore various motorcycle types through rentals to discover the perfect fit before making a decision on your direction. And since we are recommending, how about exploring Ecuador with us?. Even within the same category, you will find many models. One of them will be your seasonal favorite, whereas another, will be the love of your life.


Did you know that your brain has certain information acquiring speed? If you ride over that speed, then the brain starts bypassing information to focus on what it believes matters. Those small forgotten details, such as a red traffic light, a ball rolling on the street, and a kid after it, or a depression on the asphalt right in the middle of the curve, are the ones of most of the accidents. The good news is that since the brain is a muscle, with practice this acquisition speed can be increased. It is true that when you start you want to eat the world, it is important starting little by little. Before hitting the roads, start exploring fields or do trail scouting or a cross-country trip. Do this so that you have bases and can start well.


Research the brands of motorcycle equipment and which are the best. The vast majority of brands will offer a variety of options, which you will analyze if they suit your needs. The best blog you could have access to tons of information for free is advrider. Here you will have from newbies to very experienced characters. Many with an RTW (Rider The World) under their belt.

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