Warmis: Our Ecuadorean female riders

The passion, the love for 2 wheels, has made Michele Merizalde take the initiative to create a club, with the clear objective of put up female motorcycling on the top. Besides that, she wants to inspire female motorcyclists from all over the region and make a living from this beautiful activity. Warmis: Our Ecuadorean female riders.

In 2015, the Warmi Bikers club emerged, comprising empowered, courageous, persistent, and tenacious women. Additionally, they joyfully share their love for motorcycles, embracing adrenaline-filled adventures, challenges, and unique experiences throughout their journey.

Warmis: Our Ecuadorean female riders

The club boasts numerous members who have excelled in motocross, moto speed, motorcycle traveling, and beyond. Additionally, there are women who harbor a deep affection for motorcycles and this lifestyle. Warmi Bikers aims to promote motorcycle tourism, enabling women to become acquainted with the roads. Our objective is to offer high-quality products for female motorcyclists. With the guarantee of everyone’s well-being and safety on the trip, as well as effective group support.

Warmi Bikers

Ecuador Bike Rental and Warmi Bikers collaborate to provide fellow riders with an unforgettable adventure to explore our country’s wonders. However, traveling from the hot climates of the Coastal Region, through the Sierra mountains, to the Amazon rainforests, you’ll discover unique experiences alongside women who share your love and passion for motorcycle travel.

The tours that are offered are perfect for you to see more about our beautiful country Ecuador, along with a taste of good gastronomy with great company. For more information on these tours visit our website: https://ecuadorbikerental.com

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