7 summits on 2 wheels feat

Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner is a proud sponsor of a feat presented to us. The 7 summits on 2 wheels feat is a well-known project worldwide but not an easy one. To climb the highest summit in every continent:    

  • Mount Aconcagua for South America.- (6962 mts, 22841 ft)
  • Mount Vinson for Antarctica.- (4897 mts, 16067 ft)
  • Mount Denali for North America.- (6194 mts, 20320 ft)
  • Mount Kilimanjaro for Africa.- (5895 mts, 19340 ft)
  • Mount Elbrus for Europe.- (5642 mts, 18511 ft)
  • Mount Everest for Asia.- ( 8848 mts, 29029 ft.), and,
  • The Carstensz pyramid for Oceania.-(4884 mts, 16023 ft.)

According to www.7summits.com, their official list sums up to 416 people who have successfully finished the program until 2016. Due to the mountains’ geographical position, riding a motorcycle towards them involves logistics akin to a global journey. To plan the logistics for this feat, we’ve divided the project into separate legs, starting with Mount Aconcagua and Mount Vinson in December. This will test the feasibility of the project for the longest legs later. Despite that these two summits are the closest ones, it still demands 700+ km ridden every day to be able to accomplish it in the required timeframe and budget.


Our participation in the project not only extends to providing a brand new KTM Super Adventure 1290 R from our fleet. Also the 24/7 tracking via our Syrus 3G GPS equipment and our support team in Quito should medical emergencies arises. The selection of the motorcycle also was based on the partnership of KTM del Ecuador for the project and its involvement. Both in the technical and mechanical instruction of the motorcycle to the rider as he will be on his own during the adventure.

The physical training for the project has been one of the cornerstones. Our athlete had to prepare himself by climbing nearby mountains in Quito over 5000 mts high. And run half marathons 3 times a week, among other specific training. Regarding the route, we decided to ride down the Panamerican highway to Santiago de Chile with all the gear on the motorcycle.


7 summits on 2 wheels feat

Excluding the rider, it’s a load of 59 kg comprising climbing gear, camping gear, tools, spare parts, and some electronics. Once crossing to Mendoza, and doing the needed paperwork, the idea is to return to the RUTA NACIONAL 7 to Penitentes. Leave the bike at the highest possible point and start the climb.

Once finished the climb which is estimated in 11 days, the ride will continue via Pampas Argentinas towards Ushuaia. Up this point, the motorcycle will be left in Punta Arenas to fly to Antarctica and start the trekking to Mount Vinson.

 Once achieved the first two summits, the idea is to return to Quito via Carretera Austral through the Chilean Andes. Doing off road as much as possible via Torres del Paine, el Chalten and Uyuni, and via Huascaran National Park to Quito.

Since the budget is limited, we haven’t booked any hotels, so we’ll mainly be camping for accommodation. As for Ecuador Bike Rental, we’re thrilled to join this adventure, and regular blogs will chronicle the journey. We wish him the best of lucks!.

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