What to take in a motorcycle tour abroad

You decided to take a step out of your comfort zone and ride abroad in. Let’s say Ecuador, and based on the reviews you decided to go for Ecuador Bike Rental. So you booked your desired motorcycle or your at www.ecuadorbikerental.com, and now you are keen to see in a very short distance a fantastic panorama of colors, cultures, landscapes, and flavors. The question remains in the back of your head: What could I possibly bring along with me? What is a must and what is just nonsense to take along? What to take in a motorcycle tour abroad?

And you are right to ask yourself these valid questions when you know you are heading to a country that changes the weather at the same pace as the road type. Riding on sunny, dry days at 2800 meters above sea level (~9200 ft) in Los Andes cordillera towards the humid and warm Amazon basin. Then off to the dry and hot pacific coast, demands some logistics. We can break down the list in different fields as this is the easiest way to have a better picture:  

Motorcycle clothes:

Often, we encourage our fellow riders to bring their gear, especially helmet and boots. Let’s face it, there is nothing more comfortable than riding with the stuff you already know. However, if this is not a matter of concern to you, we offer you the latest Scorpio EXO900 models in all sizes for you. These have been scored high in most popular riding magazines around the world due to its versatility. Their visor has the same size as most pro dual helmets with the advantage of allowing you to open the face shield. Also, ventilation is essential, especially in the Amazon.

They properly house our Scala PackTalk intercoms for you and your party to be in contact at all times with a signal range up to 1.6 miles. The use of helmets is mandatory in Ecuador; therefore, we decide to give you the best option. Then, we also encourage to wear a protective jacket and pants with you at all times. You’ll never know on a motorcycles when an element can be out of control and cause an accident. Should you decide to leave it on us, we offer you Joe Rocket gear in all sizes for men and women riders.

What to take in a motorcycle

Besides the standard Joe Rocket protection they have, they also are pretty breathable as they are constructed in layers and with massive airflow conducts. Once again, up in the mountains you’ll feel its warmth side too. We also include you rain proof tops and bottoms for occasional rain.


Our fleet are no less than 2 years old and we are constantly renovating it to newer models, so don’t worry about mechanical damages. However, a flat tire can happen to anyone, and so we provide you with what’s needed for you to solve the problem yourself. That is:  

  • A portable air compressor
  • A tire repair kit with everything you need
  • A basic tool kit with everything needed for your adventure

 Also in case the issue is bigger, all of our units have a GPS tracking device monitored 24/7 with a dedicated “Panic Button” to fire an SOS to our system and we’ll be in contact with you shortly. Our system also allows you to send a link to your relatives and share your adventure with us on real-time. Pretty sweet stuff, isn’t? All of our units are equipped with 25 or 35 lt waterproof, tear and wear-resistant GIVI saddlebags, which has proven to be the best bet on carrying your belongings around.  


Our team can assist you with the packing but if you would like to do it yourself, make sure to split the weight into even parts between the saddlebags. This will help you for a better motorcycle control. Also, try to place the heavy stuff at the bottom of the saddle to lower the center of gravity. On the right saddle bag, place the stuff you think you’ll need for quick stops on the road: water bottles, a sweater, snacks, etc. This way you’ll be safer once parked on the side of the road taking your stuff out. Also, place the tool sets in this side too, in case of a flat tire.

A 40 lt duffel also included on top of your motorcycle for easy access of items or to put away your jacket on a stop.   Whether you choose to rent the motorcycle, participate on our guided tours. Or take off on your own on a self guided tour with a preprogrammed route in our GPS and hotels of your choice pre-booked, all of the above are included.

Personal stuff.

Depending where you would like to go, the basics for the longest tours are these:  

  • A nice and comfy fleece
  • At least four pairs of socks and underwear
  • Al least five t-shirts. It would be nice to have dressing t-shirts and dry-fit type.
  • Casual pants for stops in town
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts
  • Trekking shoes and sandals
  • Cameras and chargers, and
  • The usual toiletries, including sunscreen.
What to take in a motorcycle

Bare in mind also that most of our selected hotels have laundry service.   With these few tips, you’ll have everything packed in no time and ready for a great adventure. We’ll see you soon!

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