KTM 790 adventure in our fleet

Quito. January 13th, 2020. Ecuador Bike Rental is happy to announce of the new KTM 790 adventure in our fleet. The agreement between KTM del Ecuador and the rental firm enabled this achievement. “We believe this motorcycle has made its mark in the midsize two-cylinder adventure range, globally tested to prove its worth.” Said David Garces, the spokesman of the company.

”We had an incredible experience with its bigger sister, the KTM 1290 Superadventure. Delighted customers have accumulated about 17,000 km in less than three months with no issues. It was an easy decision to go for this model.

KTM 790 adventure in our fleet

Four ride-by-wire computer modes control the 799cc LC8 parallel-twin engine, providing 95 HP. Street, off-road, rain, and rally, with the last one being able to be adjusted its traction control in 9 levels in order to match the terrain ride with slippage precision. The small powerplant provided engineers with the freedom to design an agile and responsive chassis around it.


Ensuring that traction limits are not exceeded, they are also upgrading the ABS to cornering ABS. The fuel tank, a masterpiece, houses most fuel volume at the lowest point, minimizing the bike’s center of mass. Lightweight heavy-duty spoked wheels support autonomy, biased to dirt with sizes: 21″ in the front and 18″ in the back.

Ergonomics wise, the motorcycle has a seat height of 85 cm (33.5″) which helps the rider to have a proper control when stopping, a steering bar that doesn’t affect the rider’s spine, and without compromising the ground clearance. “This model came as an answer to many clients that wants a powerful engine in their rentals and tours, but with less size than the African Twin or the KTM 1290 Super Adventure”, said Francisco Silva, asset manager of the firm. “The ride is easy, our customers claim to feel much safer, and with it, we are happy to provide an even better service with more variety for all likes”

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