Peter is an architect from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is 55 years old, he’s married to Christine with whom he had three beautiful children (26, 22, and 16 years old). He’s the former partner and creative director of Denmark’s leading design agency in which he has been involved for more than 25 years with full experience in developing a visual identity and corporate branding from some of Denmark’s largest companies and organizations. This talented architect and businessman is also dedicated to being an active DJ and motorcycle rider.

After having invested so many years in his work, in a blink of an eye, the spread of Coronavirus affected his job. However, he knew he couldn’t stay still and needed to act right away and the best decision he made was to turn this opportunity into a midlife kick in which he decided to start investing his time in doing what he really loves. Thanks to his understanding wife, Pete is able to go on a motorcycle journey of 12,000km to find some answers.   Pete is taking advantage of his new situation to live out an adventure, to visit new places, meet people, foreign cultures, and build up great experiences that would last forever. Peter’s biggest challenge would be to travel by himself but he is willing to do it in order to accomplish his biggest dream, which is to round Cap Horn in a Sailboat.   On March 22, 2022, Pete is going out of Ushuaia with a skipper to round Cap Horn and in order to get to Ushuaia, he and his wife are going first to South America. They want to take advantage of this opportunity to meet again with their Ecuadorian exchange student, Juan Pedro, and they want to travel around Ecuador and greet his family.   Peter is willing to fulfill another dream, which is to ride a motorcycle around South America. Thanks to his wife, he is going to be able to achieve it. He will be sent off from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, in early January 2022 and his tour will be taken through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina in which he is going to pass through jungles, the Andes, deserts, plains and snowy peaks with giant glaciers. All this great adventure is called Faraway 22 and it is going to last for 2 months in which he is going to be alone with his motorcycle.   He has taken the guts to carry out this unique experience thanks to the inspiration towards John Anderson of 75 years old who is the president of The Adventurers’ Club of Denmark and had ridden around South America on a motorcycle.   Ecuador Bike Rental welcome Peter to South America   To fulfill Pete’s dream, ECUADOR BIKE RENTAL has the privilege to manage the whole Faraway 22 trip. We want to make Peter’s experience the most amazing in his whole life, we want him to enjoy every second of the route he’s taking and make the most incredible motorcycle adventure he has ever had.   Ecuador Bike Rental is going to give him a stunning Suzuki Vstrom 650xt motorcycle for the trip to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Also, we are going to schedule a self-guided tour to all the places he must visit in Ecuador for a week and on each country during the Faraway 22 trip. We are going to prepare him for an amazing and unforgettable tour by setting him up with a mechanic crash course, the routes he must take, the places he must stop, the places he must avoid, what to do in each tourist place, give information about the historical places and its cultures, among other things. This is thanks to Davos, who has been few times to Ushuaia and knows about the subject very well.   Ecuador Bike Rental is always going to look for his safety, thus, we will be 100% aware of him each day. We are going to be with him throughout his trip around South America and we are going to help him to accomplish his dream and fulfill his expectations of South America beauty so, later on, he can go to Antartida to take amazing pictures.   “ I’m ready – I’m ready to have a look inside myself before I can look out again. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone and leave the safe ground. I’m ready to feel insecure and humbled. I am ready to meet the magnificent South American nature, I am ready to meet different people and cultures. I’m ready”. – Pete, 2021. See you soon, we are really excited to have you in our beautiful country.  

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