Ecuador, the best country to be retired

If you’re considering retirement abroad where you can relax and have the desired life you ever wanted, Ecuador is the perfect place for you.

Ecuador is considered globally the sixth best country for retirement and we are here to guide you and tell you all the reasons why you should choose this amazing co   Location and climate   This small country is located on the equator of South America making the arrival easy and accessible. As it’s found in the equator and has unique topography, you’ll find the perfect combination of climate temperatures. Depending on where you are, you can enjoy warm weather on the Coast (80Fº to 90Fº), spring weather in the Sierra (50Fº to 70Fº), and humid and warm weather in the Amazon.   Culture and People   Ecuador has a great cultural diversity where you can find many ethnicities living together sharing many traditions in which you can be part of. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to try out the wide gastronomy that our country has to offer you. Let me tell you, it’s the best food you will ever eat. On the other hand, Ecuadorians are caring and welcoming people that always gonna make you feel welcome every time with comfy hugs. Latinos are well known as people who always gonna make you feel good through their happiness and free spirit. You’ll never feel like an outsider.   Different Regions   The most extraordinary thing about retirement in Ecuador is the unique lifestyle you can select depending on the region you choose to live. Each of the four regions of Ecuador offers quality living full of communities and activities you can get involved in.   If you like warm weather, sand, and the sea breeze, the Coast region is where you should settle. The beautiful beaches of Puerto Lopez, Salinas, Montañita o Canoa provide a great climate, coffee towns, fresh seafood, party bars, and beach activities such as surfing. For a similar choice, the Galapagos Islands, at the further north, are the options that you should think of to retire because of the greatest natural diversity where you can find the famous giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies, the weather, wonderful towns, and friendly people. This part of Ecuador is covered in our Spondylus Tour   If you like spring and windy weather, the Sierra or Andes region is the best option for your retirement. All the astonishing valleys and cities are built up between mountains and volcanoes forming incredible landscapes full of natural beauties such as lagoons, rivers, and Greenlands to admire. Quito, Cuenca, Ambato and Loja are the cities for you to live. You would find stunning Spanish and French colonial architecture, the best variety of restaurants, touristic places, chic bars, shops, and cultural textiles selling in the streets. You could go for a custom-tailored tour to find a bit more about these charming cities   If you like the tropical rainforest, the Amazon region is the best choice for you. This region settles rivers as the Napo River, falls, and a variety of species and plants. You’ll have the opportunity to share with indigenous people, test extravagant food, cleanse your soul with a Shaman, travel in canoes, and fulfilling activities.     Diversity of flora and fauna   If you come to retire in Ecuador, you are going to appreciate the most amazing and wonderful diversity of flora and fauna. Ecuador possesses 10% of plant species, 8% of animal species, and 18% of birds species all over the four regions, most of all in the Amazon and Galapagos Islands. Thus, the ecosystems are wide open.     Economical assessable   The greatest benefit of retiring in Ecuador is the accessible and affordable lifestyle. You are going to have anything you need and want such as houses, properties, lands, markets, entertainment, restaurants, hospitals, malls, shops, embassies, among other essential things and the best of it is that all these are close to each other. You have the option to buy a house or rent one at low costs. Thus, couples can live anywhere in Ecuador for less than $2000 a month. Of course, it depends on the city you are living in and the sizes of lands and houses you’re looking for. In addition, you will have access to buy quality food at low costs in local markets. Per day, you can buy food for $20 dollars.   Do not worry about the currency because Ecuador is the only country in South America that uses dollars which this currency is easy to acquire.

Yes, Ecuador is the perfect place to retire and live the dream life you ever wanted. In the second part of this blog, we’ll help you to check out the legal and the paperwork needed to establish yourself here.

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