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Did you know that Ecuador not only stands out for its wonders and its diversity of flora and fauna but also for its gastronomy?  Yes, Ecuador possesses a great variety of gastronomy thanks to the multiculturality that is found in its four regions (Pacific Coast, Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle, and Galapagos Islands). The diverse traditions and cultures in each region highlight Ecuador’s array of high-quality dishes, offering a rich culinary experience. Gastronomy of Ecuador.

Ecuador Bike Rental offers a curated list of each region’s signature dishes, ensuring a culinary experience tailored to your tour itinerary.

The great gastronomy of the Andes Mountains:  

The beautiful Andes region has a great quality of dishes. Indulge in the mountain cuisine; Ecuadorians prepare it with various meats and potatoes, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. The best-guided and self-guided tours to delight yourself with the food in the Andes are Off-road Expedition Ecuador and Hot and Cold tours.

Gastronomy of Ecuador

“Tripa Mishqui”:  

The Guts Mishqui is a typical city dish that people most like because of its texture and flavor. The authentic dish features beef strips, potatoes, lemon, garlic, achiote, and ground peanuts, blending for an unparalleled taste. When joining our tours to Ecuador, especially in Quito, we’ll guide you to the best spot for Guts Mishqui.

Gastronomy of Ecuador

“Hornado and Fritada”:  

Oh my God! The greatest and most delicious dish in the Andes region is Hornado and Fritada and we know that you’re going to love it. The plate consists of a big plate with roasted pork meat, a potato omelet called “llapingachos”, slides of avocado, “mote” and a salad of tomato and onion. This mixture gives a magnificent taste and the size of the food would keep you full for the rest of your motorcycle ride. Believe it or not, this plate is the favorite of the Ecuador Bike Rental team.

Gastronomy of Ecuador


In the cities of Quito, Riobamba, and Latacunga, llapingachos are the gastronomy most liked by Ecuadorian citizens. The typical plate consists of omelets made with crushed potato dough and filled with cheese, a specialty of our Ecuadorian cousin. The extraordinary thing about the plate is that you can serve it with anything you want such as beef, avocado, lettuce, roast pork, among other options. Ecuador Bike Rental is going to help you visit the best place where you can enjoy these incredible hand-made llapingachos.


If you’re really hungry after your motorcycle ride, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you try this typical plate that has everything you need. You’re going to end up full. The Churrasco dish consists of french fries, eggs, salad of tomato and lettuce, rice, and a delicious steak beef. However, if you’re not that hungry but you try to try it anyway, you can order and share it with your partner.

“Locro Soup”:

If it starts to get cold and windy during your motorcycle ride through the Andes Region, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you order a delicious and warm Locro Soap. The taste of Ecuadorian soup gastronomy is sure to amaze you. The soup consists of potato, accompanied by cheese, avocado, and chunks of various sizes.. After a Locro Soap, you’re going to be ready to keep on your journey through the Andes region.  

Gastronomy of Ecuador


As you can tell, Ecuadorians are very welcoming, happy, and energetic people. This drink is the best description of our party spirit. Canelazo is a typical hot drink of this region and it can be served either with alcohol (puntas) or not. It is made of naranjilla, passion fruit, and blackberry with sugar cane and boiled cinnamon.  Ecuadorians usually drink Canelazos during the traditional Quito parties. These are some of our quality typical gastronomy of the Andes Region. Of course, there’s more which you can try and learn about. If you’re interested in visiting this region and experiencing the typical dishes, Ecuador Bike Rental provides the best guided or self-guided trips for you. This trip is the Three Worlds Self-Guided Adventure.  

The great gastronomy of the Coast Region and Galapagos Islands:  

The gastronomy of the Coast Region and The Galapagos Islands are really similar to each other as they specialize in seafood, rice, and its combinations. The dishes that both regions have to offer you are really good. We bet that you’re going to fall in love with the coastal food.  As part of our service, we do provide extensions or add-ons to our continental motorcycle tours to Galapagos. Whether you would like to do it on a boat or with a private tour in the islands, we can make your experience much cheaper and affordable, since we work with the tour operators directly. For the continental side, our best tour to enjoy these delightful dishes is our Spondylus Tour, which can be done guided and self-guided.  


Gastronomy of Ecuador

If you’re on the Ecuadorians’ beaches, you need to try out the “ceviche”. This plate is the most wanted by our coastal people.

The “ceviche” consists of preparation with raw seafood such as shrimps, fish, shells, squid, or all of them mixed. We add some lemon, orange, tomato sauce, onion, and coriander.

All this gastronomy combination leaves our visitors the flavor of the beach and the best vacations of their lives. People also know “ceviche” as a dish that’s good for hangovers.


Another important coastal dish, “el encebollado,” earns its reputation as one of the best plates in the entire country due to its abundance of condiments. “Encebollado” recipe consists of a fish soup that is prepared with some yucca, onion, tomato, chili pepper, and spices. As ceviche, el encebollado is really good for after-party food.  

“Caldo de Bola”:

The “Caldo de Bola” it’s a typical soap prepared by our coastal locals. The plate consists of the use of ingredients such as oxtail, meat consommé, little peanuts, and green balls. Sometimes you add a little yucca and corn. The green balls are the reason for their popularity. They make them by using green banana dough and filling them with meat and vegetables. In order to make this delicious dish, you have to prepare it a day before.  

“Tigrillo y bolón de verde”:

“Trigrillo” is the most delectable plate of all time. It is the best breakfast dish that you could have. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you 100% of this coastal dish. “Tigrillo” is a dish that consists of a banana scramble with cheese, eggs, and pork or beef. It’s called “Tigrillo” due to its distinctive yellowish color resembling the skin of a wild animal. “Los bolones de Verde” are very similar to the tigrillo, but they consist of mashed and cooked green plantain puree balls.

Gastronomy of Ecuador


In the coastal region, every single plate is going to come with some tasty “Patacones”.

They make this typical dish by frying green plantains. Anywhere you go in this region or in the Galapagos Islands, you’re going to enjoy it on your plate. If you’re already in love with the Coast Region and the Galapagos Islands gastronomy and you would like to taste every single plate, Ecuador Bike Rental has a guided or self-guided tour ready for you. This tour is called Spondylus self-guided or guided tour. You should check it out on our web page for more information.  

The great gastronomy of the Amazon Region:  

Our amazing Amazon Region hosts the most exotic and unique gastronomy found in Ecuador. If you’re planning to travel to the Amazon, Ecuador Bike Rental is here to tell you some of the most recognized dishes you need to try. Don’t forget, there are plenty more and our native people are going to make sure you try them.


One of the most famous drinks that our beautiful Amazon has to offer our visitors is the “Guayusa”. This drink derives from the leaves of the guayusa plant, sharing similarities with coffee and cocoa, and finds its use in making infusions in the Amazon area. Therefore, after a long motorcycle trip, this drink will rejuvenate you.


One of the most popular plates of the Ecuadorian Amazon is “Maito”. The dish consists of wrapping a fish with a leaf of the banana plant and putting it on direct fire. This way of preparing the fish helps to conserve the flavor strongly. Also, the plate includes yucca, white rice, or “patacones,” served alongside a side of salad.

Gastronomy of Ecuador

”Ceviche de Hongos”:

As in the coastal region, the amazon people have their own “ceviche” known as “ceviche de hongos” (mushroom ceviche). The preparation of this famous dish resembles that of coastal ceviche, but what sets it apart is the main ingredient. Instead of fish, the amazon people made it with mushrooms.


Similar to the “Maito”, “Ayampaco” it’s another popular dish in the Amazon region. The plate consists of wrapping the bijao leaves with onions, tomatoes, spices, and any kind of meat. While wrapping all the ingredients together, one must cook or grill them to impart a splendid Amazon taste.

Ecuador Bike Rental has your back, if you want to visit the Amazon wonders in motorcycle and have a try at its gastronomy, we have the best tour for you. We have the Get Away to the Amazon Basin self-guided or guided tour, you will not regret it.   For more information about our amazing, adventurous, and unique tours you can contact us on our web page in order to schedule the most amazing experience you will ever have in Ecuador’s wonders and with its gastronomy.  

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