Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

Do you want to visit Ecuador and travel around this beautiful country? Are you looking for some romance, passion, and an adventurous trip on two wheels? An unforgettable experience? Why not explore every corner you desire as a couple by riding a motorcycle during your visit? Ecuador Bike Rental has the most amazing trip focused to enjoy your Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador.

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

Ecuador is an incredible honeymoon destination offering a blend of romance and adventure in every corner of the country. No matter where you are, either on the coast, Galapagos Islands, the Andes mountains, or the Amazon basin, you will have a great time with your partner; an experience you would never want to end. Ecuador Bike Rental will guide you through the honeymoon on two wheels experience, suggesting destinations, accommodations, and tours.

Romantic honeymoon on the Ecuadorian coasts:

If you and your partner seek a romantic honeymoon on the stunning and warm beaches of Ecuador, the coast is perfect. Some couples choose any of the Ecuadorian beaches to spend their time together. To relax, to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets on the shore, the incredible waters, and waves of the pacific ocean, the long-walking distances in the sand, and the delicious typical seafood. If you’re the type of couple that wants to live this experience, you should read this coastal guide. Our tour of choice for your Coast getaway is the Spondylus Self-guided tour.


Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

(Playas de Ecuador – Salinas en Ecuador: Turismo en las playas de la península de Santa Elena). One of the places that you should go to in Santa Elena province is Salinas beaches. This place is magical, perfect for you and your loving partner. In Salinas, you would enjoy the views, the sea, the sand, the activities such as surfing or even get the opportunity of going away in a boat for the day, among other things that you would like to do with your beautiful couple.

In Salinas you can go to tourist places such as “La Chocolatera”, the “Malecón”, “La Lobería” home of sea lions, the “Mirador Puntilla”, see the flora and fauna and go visit the most famous near beaches such as Chippie, San Lorenzo, Punta Brava, among others. If you choose to stay in Salinas, you have the possibility of finding nice lodges, we recommend the Barcelo Hotel that has an incredible view to the beach and the sea, great service, amazing rooms, among other stuff or the Royal Decameron Punta Centinela.  

Canoa Beach:

( – Playa de Canoa en Manabí). Also for your honeymoon adventure on two wheels, you can visit the beautiful Canoa Beach. It is a small village on the coast, but a great place to spend some honeymoon vacations. Surf the waves during the day and enjoy vibrant nightlife at bars, dancing, and having fun with your spouse.

Also, you can go to the Muchacho Organic Farm River where you can see the production of coffee and chocolate. A romantic lodging is the Hotel Bambu, a nice and relaxing place.  


Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

(Quiero ser libre – El secreto de montañita). If you’re a couple who loves to party all night, Montañita is the next step for you. On this beach, you will have all the day and night entertainment you’re looking for with your partner. Experience the beach and live surfing to the fullest. Explore unique places like Puerto Lopez and Dos Mangos cascades with your partner and motorcycle. In Montañita, consider staying at an Eco-Lodge featuring unconventional room decor and installations for a unique experience. We know you’re going to love it.  

Isla de la Plata (Silver Island):

The newlyweds are going to love the amazing and unique Ecuadorian beach. Isla de la Plata (Silver Island) is known as a beach with hidden pirate treasure and its color sand. On this beach, you and your partner can completely enjoy the incredible variety of flora and fauna (similar variety as the Galapagos Islands), adventurous activities such as a long path walk through the island, and snorkeling.

Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the loving couple stay at Mandala Hotel. Ecuador Bike Rental offers an excellent tour guide for couples exploring the entire Ecuadorian Coast.The Spondylous Self-Guided tour is perfect for the honeymoon on two wheels. Check out our web page for more information. Certainly! For newlyweds, we offer fantastic promotions, affordable prices, and flexible scheduling to ensure an unforgettable experience on Ecuador’s coasts.

Romantic honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands:

The Galapagos Islands have the most amazing and unique atmosphere prepared for you and your valentine. The archipelagos are the perfect destination if you want to enjoy the natural wonders and some adventurous rides. You will be delighted with the white beaches with sea lions on their shores, the incredible sunsets, and sunrises, the warm seawater, the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in the world, exquisite sea plates, and a lot of romantic time alone with your wife/husband.  

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

On the Galapagos Islands, you would have plenty of activities and adventures to do such as snorkeling to see sea iguanas, turtles, golden rays, and other animals, kayak, hike to incredible lava caves, among other activities that only the Galapagos has for you. In this wonderful place, you will have the most unbelievable honeymoon pictures.  

Isabela islands:

Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you to go to Isabela Islands, which is a small beautiful island that has a treehouse known as “El Ceibo Treehouse” only for couples and it is an experience you can let pass. Also, you will be able to do other activities. Also, there are nice lodges such as the Albemarle Hotel. Floreana Island is also a small island for some time alone with your partner. Ecuador Bike Rental also recommends newlyweds to visit Santa Cruz Island, the largest town in the Galapagos Islands.

This island offers you and your partner an unforgettable vacation day surrounded by the most beautiful beaches like white sand Tortuga Bay, Garrapatero Beach, Las Grietas, a must-see, the Charles Darwin Station with the endemic species, and see the diversity of flora and fauna found on the archipelago. You can stay in the Marina Hotel or Fiesta Hotel.   Ecuador bike Rental will prepare the most magical and unique tour for couples in Galapagos Islands. Contact us, so we can talk and schedule and organize your experience.

Romantic honeymoon in the Andes:

For a romantic honeymoon amidst mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, city life, and jungle adventures, the Andes region is perfect. You are going to enjoy every second of the sierra. Admire the region’s landscapes, nature, wildlife, people, culture, gastronomy, and unique architecture during your visit. Be prepared for the climate of the Andes region, it can suddenly change, but that’s the Ecuadorian experience. There are a lot of provinces where you can go with your lovely partner to see the culture and enjoy the natural wonders. We are going to mention a few of them, but don’t worry you can always contact us to get to know more places. The Three Worlds self-guided tour


If you want to experience a fairy tale on two wheels, the Downtown of Cuenca is where you need to visit first. You and your partner will enjoy the colonial architecture, the churches, the culture and history, delicious and stunning restaurants, the green areas, and the river that divides the city in two where you can see the sunset. Newlyweds can spend the whole day exploring the city and at night they can have some part-time.

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

To stay near the downtown, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the Hotel Bellavista,  El dorado, Morenica del Rosario, Mansión Alcanzar or Cuatro Mundos. In any of these hotels, the service is great and you will be satisfied. Once in Cuenca, you can also go with your motorcycle a little far to “El Cajas Lake” if you want to see the famous seven lakes. You and your couple are going to love this adventure and the views.  


Quito is a beautiful city in Ecuador and if you and your couple choose to spend time in the city, you should go to downtown Quito. Here, you will enjoy the magnificent traditional architecture, the most beautiful churches and cathedrals, delicious restaurants of typical food, amazing views of the town and mountains, the culture, traditions, people, museums, and the history and legends that lie in each of the city corners.  

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

The unforgettable places that you should go to in downtown Quito are Compañía the Jesús Church which has beautiful gold decorations, the Metropolitana of Quito Cadetral, Casa del Alabado Museum, Basilica of the National Vow, Bolivar Theatre, La Ronda Street which you would have an amazing and fun time, mostly in the night, and the San Francisco Church which is the most beautiful building in the whole city and where the famous Andes region legend of “Cantuña” is born. Throughout the Historic Center, you can walk or be on your motorcycle and get to know the town.  

If you want to stay in the Historic Center, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the most beautiful hotel to stay in with incredible views and location, the Ganotena Palace. This hotel is a dream place, you and your couple are going to enjoy the rooms to the service, and the views. It is a romantic hotel and did you know that it was the hotel where Victoria’s Secret models stay for the wedding of Tookes (model) and Borrero (vice-president son). You are going to love this place. As well, if you prefer other places to stay in Quito, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the Swissotel and JW Marriott. Also, you can visit the exact middle of the world that is near Quito.  

Baños de Agua Santa:

Take your motorcycle and visit Baños de Agua Santa for your honeymoon vacation. You and your couple are going to be in love with some Ecuador wonders. It’s a tourist town nestled near an active volcano, offering numerous lodges with spas and thrilling outdoor activities.Newlyweds can enjoy some of the rainforest nature, some rivers, and waterfalls. Don’t miss the “Pailon del Diablo” to walk near the powerful waterfall and the Treehouse Swing for a flying sensation. At San Martín Adventure Park, enjoy activities like canopy zip lines, walks on the Tibetan bridge, Eco-Zoo visits, and rock climbing.

Baños, near Quito, offers a plethora of incredible activities during the day and vibrant night entertainment with bars. You will be able to go around with your motorcycle having the best honeymoon experience. Ecuador Bike Rental will help you choose the best and most complete lodges for you.  


For a honeymoon adventure near the city, visit the incredible cloud forest of Mindo. It offers relaxation and excitement for couples. Couples can partake in thrilling activities like hiking, waterfall walks, canopy tours, river tubing, forest treks, and nocturnal frog-watching. Also, the newlyweds are going to have the chance to see the butterfly sanctuary and have the experience to feed them, go and see the exotic birds, seeing the most extraordinary orchid sanctuary, get to know the chocolate process, and enjoy incredible restaurants and lodges, such as La Bicok eco-lodge.  

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

Mindo offers a great diversity of flora and fauna. Thus, there are lodges surrounded by its natural wonders. It has great and luxury cabins with private porches and clear views of more than 600 bird species. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends “La Roulotte” to stay the night to enjoy the butterfly activities and incredible food while watching nature, the “Cabañas del Lago” where you are going to fall in love and have a romantic time with your partner, Mashpi Lodge that has big windows to see the jungle and birds and Hosteria las Mariposas.  

Our tour

Discover the Mindo-Dirt Tour by Ecuador Bike Rental, ideal for exploring the rainforest and Amazon of Ecuador. You’ll love it!

Along the Andes Mountains region, couples have a lot of adventurous activities to do. Explore other fantastic destinations with your partner, like Otavalo, renowned for its vibrant handicraft market. Quilotoa Crater Lake which is the most beautiful lake that Ecuador has, Papallacta to enjoy the hot springs, and the Cotopaxi National Park. Are places that you can climb the volcano and drink warm chocolate or walk around the park and lake. Some romantic lodging that Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you are “Hacienda Cusin”, “Hacienda Zuleta” or “Hacienda Porvenir”.

Explore all these places or choose some by motorcycle with Ecuador Bike Rental’s amazing and unique tours for unforgettable memories. Explore our recommended tours like the Getaway to the Amazon Basin, North-West Culture Revival, or Off-Road Expedition in Ecuador. With any of these options, you are going to enjoy every second of your trip. Don’t forget that you can contact us for further information and schedule or modification activities for your honeymoon.  

Romantic honeymoon in the wildlife of the Amazon:

For a honeymoon vacation with lots of adventure and nature in the rainforest, the Amazon Region is your perfect destination with your lovely wife/husband. The Amazon is the place with the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Trust us, you are going to fall in love with all the colors, sounds, and pure air of our Amazon.  

Motorcycle honeymoon in Ecuador

You would have the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience of trekking in canoes through the Napo River in order to see parrots, small monkeys, caimans, and birds, among other animals, have day and night walks in the rainforest and waterfalls, the Cuyabeno River, coexist with native people and native guides that will tell you all about the incredible secrets that are hidden in the immense jungle. As well, you will have the opportunity to be with “shamans” and taste some medicinal plants. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends 100% to go to Misahualli Port, you will love the place.  

In the Amazon, there are a lot of wildlife lodges with everything you need to make your honeymoon perfect. There are lodges that offer you some spa, delicious typical and non-typical foods, entertainment, beautiful rooms, and more such as Napo Wildlife Center, La Selva Lodge, Crucero Manatee Amazon Explorer, and Anaconda Lodge, among others.  

If you want all this experience for your honeymoon on two wheels, you can look for the Take Over Ecuador Self-guided Tour.   We offer tailor-made tours for newlyweds, ensuring Ecuador Bike Rental supports you every step of the way.

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