Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

Are you the kind of person who loves motorcycles and extreme sports? Are you willing to go after an adventure like that? Do you like to travel around the world in order to practice extreme sports? And if so, do you know that Ecuador is the best option you can make as it is the land of extreme sports?  Believe it or not, Ecuador’s diverse landscapes make it an incredible destination for extreme adventurous moments. (MOTORCYCLE TOUR FOR EXTREME SPORTS ECUADOR)

Ecuador Bike Rental has curated an amazing list of extreme sports for those considering a visit to this wonderful country. The best thing about this is that, besides experiencing any of the sports chosen from the list, with us, you will enjoy an adventurous motorcycle ride as you travel to each place to carry out the extreme sport.  


One of the most common extreme sports practiced in Ecuador is mountaineering and it takes place in the Andes Mountain Region. With Ecuador’s diverse mountain terrain, climbers can tackle rocky peaks, snowy summits, and volcanoes, among other challenges.

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

The greatest thing about this sport in Ecuador is that you’re going to experience true adrenaline as you’re passing through uneven roads with high and rocky climbs and extreme climate changes, but you’re going to enjoy and have fun each second. Different challenges depending on your stamina and technical skills are presented to you, From Ruco Pichincha to El Altar, (which contains one of the toughest routes in South America). Passing by Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Illinizas, Cayambe and Antisana.  

If you’re a mountaineer full of adventure spirit willing to achieve new challenges, lucky you, Ecuador Bike Rental can upgrade this experience by guiding you in choosing the best mountains in Ecuador that will make you exceed your expectations. We can prepare an excellent schedule for mountaineering and also give you a personal tour route for acclimatization before your target summits on a motorcycle that you will never forget. As a base tour, our Hot n Cold tour can be modified to accommodate your goals.  

Mountain Bike:

  If you love bikes, mountains, and physical effort, this extreme sport is perfect for you. Tailored routes with dirt, rocks, sand, mud, and cliffs for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, adjusted to your skill level. Indeed, overcoming challenges will empower you, making you feel capable of anything, anywhere.

Explore Andes: Cotopaxi, Guagua Pichincha, Tungurahua, Papallacta, Baños de Agua Santa with Ecuador Bike Rental’s guidance.


(MOTORCYCLE TOUR FOR EXTREME SPORTS ECUADOR). Now, this is the good stuff. This is the most liked extreme sport by the Ecuador Bike Rental team. The motorcycle world, this one of the most competitive and hardest sports that require a lot of discipline, determination, adventurous spirit, and skills on two wheels. Enduro is renowned as an extreme sport due to riders facing natural obstacles at high speeds, pushing their limits.

The prodigious landscapes of  Ecuador Regions allow this sport to become more interesting, more fun, and cooler because you can be riding your motorcycle in the mountains and see the city view, be on the beach feeling the breeze and the sun or pass through rivers, through forests and other natural wonders. If you want to take advantage of all these landscapes and views, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the Off-Road Expedition in Ecuador TourIf what you are looking for is a fun day at a track in Ecuador, we have excellent 250 cc Enduro motorcycles that will do the job, without you worrying about breaking anything. The track contains a Pro MX and a 4.5 km Enduro with all sorts of difficulties.  

Ecuador Bike Rental ensures you have the best two-wheeled experience and guides you through proper enduro techniques for a thrilling adventure. You would never regret it. So, be ready to get dirty and to energize yourself.  


Thanks to the availability of different natural walls, rocks, and mountains in the region of Ecuador, rock climbers can enjoy their extreme sport. The objective of this sport is to utilize your body strength and skills to climb risky rocks and boulders. The perfect activity to go with your friends and cheer each other up.  

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

Ecuador Bike Rental suggests that if you don’t have previous experience in rock climbing, you should come with one of our staff and they will direct you and help you with the belay. Be prepared for extreme conditions.  

Ecuador Bike Rental will be happy to give you an incredible two wheels ride and schedule a unique free climbing experience. We recommend that the best mountains to practice this sport are “Baños” in Tungurahua, Paute in Azuay, Napo, Cuyujá, and Sigsipamba Park in the capital.  

Visit our tour section on our page web in order to choose a perfect tour that would take you through all these places on two wheels. It is going to be a totally exciting experience.  


 A very similar extreme sport to Free Climbing is Canyoning. Unlike other activities, canyoning allows you to physically experience the power of waterfalls and canyons, challenging your balance and endurance. Actually, in this sport, you get to feel pure adrenaline and extreme to the limit.  

You need to use the basic technique of rappelling as you climb through waterfalls, rivers, and canyons. To be always safe, we recommend you to wear comfy clothes, helmets, harnesses, and mosquito repellent. For first-timers in Ecuador, we recommend being accompanied by a guide or expert to ensure you experience the best parts.

The places that Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you to go to in order to do this extreme sport are the “El Chorro” waterfall of Azuay, “Arapicos” on Morona Santiago, Bambillo river, and waterfall on San Miguel de Los Bancos, among other waterfalls found in “Baños” and other provinces.  

In addition to practicing the sport, with us, you can explore these places by motorcycle and enjoy our incredible, unique tours. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends the Getaway to the Amazon Basin Tour or Take Over Ecuador Tour. Visit our web page for more tour options and contact us.

Bungee jump:

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

Do you like the feeling of free fall, your heart inside the throat, and tickling in the stomach? If you do, Bungee jumping is the perfect extreme activity you can do in Ecuador. This sport is one of the most wanted and made by our visitors and adrenaline junkies. Though the experience isn’t lengthy, it’s one you won’t want to miss. We promise you’ll have a lot of fun! Be brave and put the scared aside.  

Certainly, for this sport, professional guides are essential. They assist in setting up gear and accompany you throughout the entire experience. Ecuador Bike Rental will help you to find trusty guides in order to make your activity, a pleasant experience. Also, with us, you can prepare an incredible tour on two wheels. We suggest the Back Road Adventure Tour or you can check our tour section to see more options.  


Experience thrilling heights, flying sensations, refreshing breezes, and breathtaking views with Paragliding in Ecuador’s perfect skies.

You can enjoy this sport either in the Coast Region or in the Andes Mountain Region, experiencing the beautiful and unique views that only Ecuador offers. You will overfly through the cities, rivers, beaches, and mountains, among other natural wonders. This sport either you can do by yourself or with a professional.   Ecuador Bike Rental suggests you practice this sport in Canoa, Quito, Baños, Ibarra, Riobamba, and Santa Elena. You won’t regret it, what’s more, you’re going to want to go back and do it again.  


(MOTORCYCLE TOUR FOR EXTREME SPORTS ECUADOR). If you love to feel the force of the current of the rivers, Kayak is your sports option. To navigate the fastest currents of Ecuadorian rivers, you’ll need considerable body strength, balance, and skill.

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

As you know, this sport demands a quality helmet, life jacket, and attire suitable for water and weather conditions. Your discipline and guts will be tested to pass rivers with currents and rocks everywhere. But we know that your adventurous spirit will push you to do it.  

Ecuador Bike Rental offers tours to places like Puerto, Misahuallí, Quijos, and Mindo, perfect for practicing this sport. You can choose the Back Road Adventure Tour on two wheels, be able to do Kayak, ride a motorcycle and get to know Ecuador.  


  The same as Kayak, Rafting is an extreme sport that uses the current forces of the rivers. As the name says, the sport consists of rafting down the fast currents and flows of the rivers. But, the cool part of this sport is that you have the chance to do it with your friends or family. It’ll be a thrilling, powerful, and unforgettable experience in Ecuador, with rivers ranging from class 3 to class 6 in wintertime.The feeling of going fast and moving is what makes this sport incredible. Of course, as a Kayak, you need a lot of skills and determination.  However, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you try this activity in Baños and in Puyo.  


Wakeboarding is an extreme sport in which you need your full body skills, aboard, and a boat to pull you through the water lakes, rivers, or seas of Ecuador.
The exciting part of this sport is feeling the force and velocity through your legs and arms as you glide through the waters. If you decide to go to the beaches and practice this sport. You will be able to have the experience of feeling the warm waters of the coast and the heat of the waves that will make you jump and do a lot of pirouettes on your board, of course, only if you are a professional.  

You know, Ecuador Bike Rental can prepare for you an incredible tour guide that will make you see the different beaches such as the Spondylus Tour. In this tour you can practice this sport, plus you will be riding in a motorcycle, what more than that fun.    


If you’re fond of sand, warm oceans, heat waves, sunshine, seafood, and surfing, Ecuadorian beaches are perfect for you. You are going to live the best experience of your life.  

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

Surfing is one of our most popular sports thanks to the big waves and beaches we have along the coast. You’ll feel adrenaline, energy, and power coursing through you, with salty water on your face. It is a sport that you can’t miss. The good thing about it is that you can learn about it with our locals. And a good spot for it in Montañita. Ecuador Bike Rental has this amazing tour called Spondylus Tour, which takes you along the coast and you will be able to surf and be on a motorcycle.  

Diving / Scuba Diving:

(MOTORCYCLE TOUR FOR EXTREME SPORTS ECUADOR)The best for the last!   The most wanted, wonderful, and popular sport in Ecuador is Scuba Diving or Diving. Ecuador is a real paradise for divers. We have a great variety of species and natural wonders that are only found in the country. With this sport, you will take advantage of the beauties of the coasts and the Galapagos Islands.   With this extreme sport, you will be able to get to know the Coast Region and its beautiful beaches. You can Dive in Santa Elena, Punta Mala, Ahorcados in Puerto López, Manabí, and Santa Clara where you can enjoy the waters and the sea species.  

Motorcycle tour for extreme sports Ecuador

The incredible thing about scuba diving in Ecuador is the chance to explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. You will have the most extraordinary experience you could ever imagine as you will be able to swim and dive with whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, seals and sea lions, different kinds of fish species, penguins, marine iguanas, among other species that you only find in the Archipielago of Galapagos Islands. You are going to enjoy full adrenaline as you pass by with sharks and other sea animals.

Where to dive

You’ll swim with marine life and witness the grandeur of the largest Pacific reef. Additionally, you’ll learn about the largest protected marine reserve. You can explore the island’s natural wonders or delve into its cultural history.

Of course, in order to dive in Ecuador, you don’t have to be scared of animals, instead enjoy the moment. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you go to any of the following islands in the Galapagos to perform this extreme sport. You should go to Wolf Island, Darwin Islands, the north of Isabela Islands such as Roca Redonda or Cabo Marshall, Santa Cruz Islands, San Cristobal, and Española, among other 30 diving points.

This experience will create lasting memories. Let Ecuador Bike Rental help plan your unforgettable itinerary.

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