Do you consider yourself a gourmand? If you’re a chocolate and coffee lover, Ecuador should be your top-list option to visit. In fact, Ecuador is considered the best country for cocoa and coffee production. Don’t worry, if you want to know furthermore about it, Ecuador Bike Rental will tell you everything you need to know about these two Ecuadorian most important products. ( COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE MOTO TOUR  ECUADOR )  

Ecuadorian Chocolate

(COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE MOTO TOUR  ECUADOR) Let’s get to know more about Ecuadorian Chocolate. It all starts 5000 years ago when the Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayas, and Amazon natives began with the creation and domestication of cocoa crops and their intake. When the Spanish arrived and tasted the delicious product, they decided to take it back home and since 1780, Ecuador has produced cacao to export to America and Europe in great quantities.   Cacao is one of the most important traditional export products. Thanks to the best cocoa that Ecuador produces, it has allowed the economy to grow by being the first country in all of America to export its beans. Nowadays, our cacao ranks fourth in the world.   Ecuador produces one of the best cacao in the world thanks to the great diversity that permits it to have the perfect ground, dirt, location, and ideal climates. In 2011, our cacao got an award for being the best cocoa in the world for its quality.   Yes, Ecuador offers quality chocolate that you will fall in love with. Its taste, texture, and flavor. Cocoa beans are found in a sugar-rich fruit that grows on a flowering tree known as the cacao tree. The production and growth of the national cacao it’s found especially in the Coast Region and in the Amazon Region since they are regions with perfect climate and land conditions. You can find these plantations in the provinces of Guayas, Los Ríos, Manabí, and Sucumbios, among others in the Amazon zone.   If you want the opportunity to taste delightful chocolate and get to know more about its way of production, Ecuador Bike Rental will tell you about some places where you can visit with your friends, couples, or even your family. We recommend that you do the cocoa route which will take you through different provinces and restaurants that are clearly dedicated to the production of chocolate.   The first Cocoa Route that you can take is the one in Guayaquil, the capital of Guayas. This touristic route will not only take you to places that produce cocoa such as Manglares de Churute, Hacienda Cañas, or other cacao farms but also will take you to places where take care of the wild animals (Hacienda Jambelí), to spring waters in Balao or even visit a local community of indigenous to learn furthermore about the Ecuadorian culture.   As well, Ecuador Bike Rental recommends you do the Cocoa and Chocolate route of Mindo, you’re going to love this place. Mindo is a place North-West from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, that has a great variety of flora and fauna and a bunch of extreme activities to perform in the place. You will be able to visit different organizations like La Isla de Mindo, Bird Planet, and Quetzal, among others which are dedicated to showing the process and the stages of artisan cocoa production. The best part of it is that you can participate in the production process and taste the chocolate just made by you. If you like, you can also try the cocoa route in the Amazon and visit the Ecuador Jungle Chocolate or Huasquila Amazon Lodge. Here, they also will make you a great experience with the process of making chocolate.   If you’re also interested in visiting some chocolate shops to try the best Ecuadorian Chocolate, our team suggests you try Pacari, Yumbos, Chez Tiff, La Cuchara, and Kallari, among others.   If you want the opportunity of participating in the production of Ecuadorian chocolate and also, you love to travel and adventure, our 3-day tour to Mindo would be perfect for you. You will be able to make chocolate and also visit magical places in Ecuador on a motorcycle just perfect for you.   Ecuador Bike Rental offers you different tours that will take you to these magical places, live incredible experiences on two wheels and taste the artisan chocolate. We recommend the Mindo Dirt Tour, the Hot and Cold Tour, or the Take Over Ecuador Tour. You won’t regret it and we assure you’re going to fall in love with Ecuador and its Chocolate.  

Ecuadorian Coffee

(COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE MOTO TOUR  ECUADOR) Let’s talk about Ecuadorian coffee. Since the year 1860, Ecuadorian coffee was cultivated from the coastal lands of Manabí province and exported to Europe and America. Over the years, the export of coffee has had its ups and downs, but this year, coffee production and export had increased in a great amount thanks to coffee lovers.   The great conditions of cultivation in Ecuador allow the country to offer the most delicious coffee of all time. The great quality of our coffee is thanks to the diversity of ecosystems and the different regions of Ecuador.   The plantations of coffee trees are found in the coastal lands such as Manabí, Guayas, and El Oro; in the Andes Region such as Pichincha, Imbabura, and Carchi which are the northern provinces of this region, and Loja, Azuay, and Zamora Chinchipe being at the southern provinces. Coffee tree plantations are also found in the Amazon Region such as Napo and Orellana and in Galapagos Islands in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands. Of course, there are more provinces where Ecuador produces its exquisite coffee.   Ecuadorian coffee is the only coffee that has a unique variety of flavors and tastes. Ecuador Bike Rental recommends coffee shops such as La Traviesa which offers great foods and a variety of coffee options and Estrato uses local products to give you the experience of our full culture. We assure you that you won’t regret taking some back home. Also, we recommend you to take the coffee route in which you can have the opportunity to stop in each coffee shop to taste every single coffee that Ecuador has.   If you want the opportunity to get to know more about the Ecuadorian coffee production, Ecuador Bike Rental offers you different tour plans that not only will give you the most adventurous, extreme, and unique experience of your life in a motorcycle, but also will give you the opportunity to pass through different cultivations and restaurants of coffees.

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