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Motorcycle tents offer the convenience of being extremely small, lightweight, and easy to pack. They’re often small enough to fit on top of your bike and take up minimal space once set up. Motorcycle tents typically have a smaller footprint, ideal for those seeking a compact camping option. Certain motorcycle tents include a built-in rain fly, especially beneficial for camping in areas prone to bad weather.

Motorcycle tents are usually made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements and are typically easy to set up. Motorbike tents, on the other hand, offer a very different experience, enhancing users’ flexibility by allowing them to easily camp anywhere they want, whether by the roadside or deep in the backcountry. Today, numerous portable tents are specifically designed from the ground up for motorcyclists and their passengers. Discover the top motorbike tent models and key factors to consider when making your purchase decision. Here are 5 options so you can choose which one suits you best.   


Though not boasting as premium of construction as some of the other more high-end models on this list, WOLF WALKER’s Motorcycle Tent is a solid mobile shelter that offers unbeatable value and bang-for-your buck. Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum poles, the tent boasts a main living area and a fully enclosed motorcycle port. This versatile moto tent has four entrances, a removable rainfly, collapses into a compact 25” x 11” x 6” form, weighing 12lbs.

Motorcycle Tents


Priced $50 above the previous item, the Vuz Moto VUZ-MT offers superior quality, making it a popular choice. Crafted from waterproof canvas, polyester, and mesh over aluminum poles, this tent includes four entrances and a removable rainfly. Protected by a one-year warranty, the VUZ-MT tent also features a generously-sized 9’ x 8’ garage port that affords more than enough real estate for loading, unloading, or wrenching on a bike. 

Motorcycle Tents


Snow Peak designed the Amenity Dome M model, a high-end three-season tent with room for four people. While technically intended for car camping, its rugged construction, spacious interior, and large covered entry-port, which serves as an ideal mobile moto garage, also make it an excellent choice for motorcycle camping or road trips. Packing down to 30” x 10” x 9”, this tent utilizes Ultralight Duralumin poles to support its polyester taffeta canopy and floor. Because this tent was designed for car camping, it is fairly heavy, weighing in at just shy of 20lbs. 


An ultra-minimalistic, all-in-one mobile moto dwelling. Wingman of the Road’s Goose Tent boasts a durable 14.8oz ripstop canvas canopy encasing aluminum poles for robustness. Before extending out to cover the user’s motorcycle — which also creates a covered space between the tent and bike for storing riding gear. Alongside the tent itself, the Goose also boasts an integrated high-density foam mattress and a built-in sleeping bag. Based on customer feedback, the latest version features a new exterior flap and redesigned compression straps for improved functionality.

Motorcycle Tents


The North FaceWawona model is another top-shelf tent that, while not specifically designed for it, lends itself remarkably well to motorcycle touring and camping. Its hardwearing construction of 7 and 150-denier polyester canopy. Along with a massive covered vestibule, primarily accounts for this. It packs more than enough space to fit a full-sized, fully-loaded adventure bike. Though, with a six-person capacity, the tent’s main living area can easily accommodate a second or even third scoot.

Crafted with a robust DAC MX pole set, this tent offers ample pockets, storage, and a rear vestibule for gear. Similar to the Snow Peak Amenity Dome, this tent weighs just under 20lbs, making it relatively heavy compared to others.

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