Most Essential Things You Need on a Motorcycle Tour


1) First of all, the route of the trip must be analyzed. Planning the route well is crucial, whether it’s a quick trip or an extended journey spanning several days. You must analyze the roads, know their condition, black spots, and, of course, the speed cameras so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a fine. It is also important to know the weather information that we are going to find during the journey, as this will affect the way we drive. (Most Essential Things You Need on a Motorcycle Tour )


Obviously, depending on the model of bike you have, you will make one type of trip or another. Trail bike riders will opt to incorporate some kind of forest track to take advantage of the offroad characteristics of their bike, while naked, touring or RR road bike riders will look for a route with as many curves as possible.


Then it’s time to talk about bike set-up. When tackling a trip of this kind, it is essential that the bike is in perfect condition. Based on experience, motorcyclists prioritize bike maintenance, checking tire pressure every 15 days for safety and performance. It is therefore important to check the condition of the tires first. Just as you wouldn’t walk in broken shoes, riding a motorbike with bad tires is unsafe and unacceptable.

Most Essential Things You Need on a Motorcycle Tour

Motorbike tires evolved with varying hardness across the width to match different riding styles in recent years. The tire’s center is harder than the sidewalls, ensuring durability on highways and safety on corners with softer compounds.


The second safety element to check before traveling by motorbike is the braking system. On motorbikes, it is very easy to carry out a visual check to check whether the brake pads are in good or bad condition, and the brake discs should also be checked to make sure they are not bent and cause unwanted vibrations when the brakes are activated. (What do I have to take into account when traveling by motorbike?)

Most Essential Things You Need on a Motorcycle Tour


The suspension system should also be checked. Regularly check fork for oil leaks and inspect suspension oil; degradation affects bike’s performance over time.


Now, it’s the engine’s turn. With scheduled maintenance up to date, ensure no oil or liquid leaks hinder maintenance. The filters should also be checked and replaced if necessary due to mileage or time.


As for the bike’s electrical system, it is essential to check all the bike’s lights and check the battery.


Once the main elements have been checked and brought up to date, the only thing left to do is to prepare the motorbike by fitting the panniers or panniers, a task for which we must ensure that the fastening systems are correctly positioned. Luggage mustn’t protrude from the front, extending only 0.50 meters from the rear and 0.25 from each side.

In conclusion

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