Community-based tourism in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in South America. It is well known for its biodiversity and its landscapes, its indigenous cultures and so many more hidden attractions in this magical country. It has promoted community-based tourism as a way to develop its economy and preserve its cultural heritage. Community-based tourism is a way to increase the participation of local communities as protagonists of tourism activities. It helps to create economic opportunities for communities for locals and offers visitors a unique experience. (Community-based tourism in Ecuador)

Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner, Is a company committed to the country, trying to promote community-based tourism as a way to improve the economy of the communities and thus create incomes for locals. Is indeed a way to preserve the cultural heritage of the country. Community-based tourism model has been successful in Ecuador, reporting increased incomes and employment in many small communities. It has also led to the development of new infrastructure and services, such as homestays, restaurants, and tour operators.

There are so many community experiences in Ecuador that are constantly being formed. The offer of these experiences by the communities can be found throughout the country, especially in the Andes. Most of these enterprises are developed by the community and their self-management. Nowadays this kind of tourism activity is the fastest growing along with cultural tourism, which has generated important and sustainable activities for locals.

Community-based tourism provides incentives to maintain their cultural traditions and improve self-esteem and identity. Cultural elements such as handicrafts, clothing, folklore, popular festivals, or eco-foods can be further valorized through tourism, contributing not only to disseminating them, but also to increasing self-esteem, value, and pride in the native culture.

On the other hand, this sector makes possible an important integration of women into paid employment: the employment ratio is almost 1:1 (men 57.8% and women 42.16%). Community tourism projects finance health, education, basic services, microcredit, and training, among others.

These are some examples of communities engaged in this type of enterprise:

Shuyun tactile community tour

In the cultural center of the province of Santo Domingo de Los Tsachilas, the El Poste community awaits you to share their food, dance, culture, and healing rituals.

Cumbatza Waterfall Community Tour

  The Shuar community of Cumbatza awaits you in the state of Sucua in the province of Morona Santiago, sharing their culture, dance, trekking to learn about their medicinal plants, gastronomy, and trekking to the beautiful Cumbatza Waterfalls.  

Paz Yaku Community Tour

  A magnificent view of the Pastaza River awaits you in the state of Mera, in the province of Passacha. Trek in the jungle, observe the flora and fauna, visit the orchid gardens, access the viewpoints, rest in hammocks and enjoy an excellent meal.  

Kuri Warmi Community Tourism

  A hidden corner in the heart of the Amazon in the province of Pastaza, an unforgettable experience that will strengthen your soul. 4 cabins are waiting for you to enjoy dance, handicrafts, and rituals with an authentic Yachak who will guide you in the experience of the Ayawaska taking.

Yanayaku Waterfalls and Caves

  In less than 3 kilometers, the adventure tourist can admire and refresh in 8 waterfalls. This wonder is called “The Yanayaku Waterfalls” and is located along the Russian River in Archidona, Napo province.  

La Esperanza community tourism

  The Puruhá indigenous community of the Colta canton in the province of Chimborazo offers you a community tourism experience in a fabulous landscape that looks like something out of a fairy tale. 2 huts for your lodging, horseback riding, and rich Andean gastronomy.

Pukara Tambo, community-based tourism

  The center of tourist services offers consolidated products such as lodging, food, museum, handicrafts, and guidance for natural and cultural attractions of the sector. It is located 11 km from Riobamba, in the rural parish of Cacha.  

La Moya, a community tourist service center

  Tourists can enjoy hiking along trails that were once used by the villagers to reach the ice mines, in the upper part of the colossus of the Andes, Chimborazo. It is located 18 km from Riobamba.  

Royal Palace

  The Palacio Real Community Tourism Center is located in the community of the same name in the Calpi parish of Riobamba. Come and share experiences with an Andean community.  

Quilla Pacari

  The Community Tourism Center “QUILLA PACARI” is located in the community of San Francisco de Cunuguachay in the parish of Calpi, 10 kilometers from the city of Riobamba; its name in Spanish means “MOON OF THE DAWN”.  

Pondoa Community Tourist Center

  Here you can visit this beautiful place where it is possible to perform various outdoor activities, hiking trails, observe a diversity of flora and fauna, as well as share daily activities with the community located in the rural area of Baños de Agua Santa.  

San Luis De Guachalá Community Center

  The community of San Luis de Guachalá is located in the Middle of the World Latitude 0°0’0”, traditionally known as “The Ball of the World”, which consists of a stone sphere with a diameter of 1.80 m., seated on a large plate, surrounded by a circumference of carved stone.  

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