Advantages of a motorcycle ride as couple

Advantages of a motorcycle trip with your partner. Yes, we also consider gender. The sky is the ceiling of the road. Would you dare to share as a couple a space smaller than your bed? For many, this is a dream. The lifestyles of motorcyclists are different, they are more alive and pure. You feel the air, the rain, and the sun, the contact with the outside world is direct, there are no barriers, there is no frame that cars usually surround us and it is something that in Ecuador Bike Rental we are very clear.

Advantages of a motorcycle ride with a Couple You realize that nature, landscapes, and cities are alive, they are not only scenarios behind glass and especially in a country as beautiful as Ecuador. It is also easier to interact with the environment, to stop, take pictures of the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and seas and observe the things that surround us. There is an old saying among motorcycle enthusiasts: “Driving a car is like watching a movie and riding a motorcycle is like starring in it”. Now let’s think about a loving couple who enjoy each other’s company but are exhausted by their day-to-day jobs.

How can they improve their relationship?

Combining motorcycles and couples can be a good option. According to psychologists and motorcycle enthusiasts like Sharon Ledger, couples who share a passion for motorcycles can increase trust and passion in the bedroom. As with anything, a little balance is important, but if you love the feeling of riding a motorcycle, you need to do it with your partner from time to time. Sharing a ride with someone is the perfect way to build a deeper connection.

Advantages of a motorcycle ride with a couple

Think about what you love in life…, not that many things for sure, we help you to pick two things. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, it’s probably your bike, and if you’re in a couple, it should also be your love. So if you have a motorcycle or like to travel on two wheels, don’t miss the chance to travel. As a couple can be very positive, as you get to spend more time together. Couples may live in the same house, but at the end of the day, the timeshare interest can be minimal and of poor quality. Work, kids, chores, TV, social media, and other distractions conflict with normal time.

When a couple rides together on a motorcycle, they share a good time because they enjoy doing things they both enjoy. According to university research, couples who share common interests stay together.  


Continuing from above, sharing hobbies like motorcycle riding and two-wheel travel fosters teamwork and camaraderie. When planning a trip together, prioritizing shared tastes, negotiating, compromising, setting goals and objectives, and ultimately strengthening the communication bond between couples.
Many online examples highlight the myriad challenges faced by couples traveling thousands of miles together, fostering strong connections.

Less arguing

Maintaining common hobbies and enjoying them together on both wheels will ultimately improve communication. Obviously, there may be hiccups along the way, and every bike trip is an adventure, but by sharing experiences as a team, you can learn to paddle in the same direction, with the reward of many satisfactions.  

Share experiences and friends

Traveling together is about sharing experiences and memories that will strengthen your relationship. In addition, you can share with friends who have the same hobbies. You can meet other couples or cycling enthusiasts, and there is always a good vibe of conviviality. As a group or individually, you will enjoy this shared experience.  

More positive energy

The contact with the elements of nature, the desire for speed, the vibration of the engine, and the feeling of freedom, raise the positive energy. Who can get discouraged on a motorcycle? Just feeling the wind and sun on your skin boosts vitality and lifts your spirits instantly. When you ride as a couple, you are more energetic and in a better mood.  

Better sex

Yes! This is getting interesting, why does riding a motorcycle with your partner improve sex? Well, there are several reasons and here could testify many couples who have experienced it. The issue is very simple. As we said at the beginning of this article, when riding a motorcycle together you share a space smaller than a bed for many hours. Well, as they say, rubbing makes love. When you are traveling there are no more excuses such as work, stress, worries, all that no longer exists, or at least not to the same extent. In addition, by improving vital energy thanks to the benefits of travel, endorphins that generate a sense of wellbeing increase.

So, let’s take advantage of it! If you are planning to take a route as a couple and you need a motorcycle, we make it easy for you. Above all, the most important thing is to enjoy the trip and, never better said, let yourself be carried away by the ride, the road, and the adventure. In the end, the benefits will come on their own.

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