What tools bring for a motorbike trip?

We know that the vast majority of motorcycles use practically the same tools, so in this article, we will remind you which pieces, items or components are essential in your luggage when you go on a trip. (WHAT TOOLS TO TAKE FOR A MOTORCYCLE TRIP?)   As well as checking the bike before setting off on a long or short route, it is important to know what basic tools we should carry in our luggage for light mechanics and to avoid having a bad time: adhesive tape, cable ties, wrenches, pliers or screwdrivers should never be missing in a biker’s luggage. A cut chain, a puncture, or a broken cable or hose can make our trip a real ordeal, especially if we do not enter unknown routes or with little vehicular traffic, which is why it is important to have these tools in the luggage.  

Electrical tape or insulating tape

Although it is not a tool as such, it is important to have one at hand, since it is the perfect solution for a broken cable, hose, or simply a detached piece, that is why it is always advisable to carry one of these tapes (called type in some countries) in your luggage since they can get us out of many troubles.

Detachable screwdriver

This type of tool is very practical when it comes to loosening the screws to check a part or test a component of the bike, this screwdriver contains two tips with universal shapes, flat and stars, to facilitate the disassembly of a part, with one at hand you could solve many problems.

What tools bring for a motorbike trip?

Plastic and Nylon cable ties

Another indispensable item for the biker are the cable ties, straps or clips, as they are also called, are plastic or nylon straps that come with an integrated zipper and are used to hold or tie any part that has come off the motorcycle, as well as to close bags or gather products.


They are necessary to make some electrical tie for cut or burn of another one that has the motorcycle, the important thing is to have a piece that is resistant and thick.


They usually melt due to a short circuit or electrical failure or simply by use, that is why it is advisable to have a couple of fuses of different amperage between the tools.

What tools bring for a motorbike trip?

Normal and pressure pliers

With a small pair of pliers, we could help us at the moment holding a screw or piece to carry out some mechanical work in our motorcycle, in addition they also serve to cut and tie cables or moorings.

Allen wrenches

They have a simple, small, and light design, so they do not take up a lot of space in the trunk. With a small set of these wrenches, you could solve many problems on the motorcycle, since many models use screws with hexagonal heads inside.

Socket wrenches or socket wrenches:

Here we enter in a variety of socket wrenches that you must take into account according to the model of your motorcycle, however, you can never miss one of 8, 10, 12, 13 millimeters, as well as 5/16, 1/2, 9/16, or 5/8 in some cases, since they are the most traditional and commonly used on motorcycles. These wrenches will solve the lowering of a part, component, or wheel, in case we have an accident.   


A small wrench is enough, it will only be needed in case you do not have the wrench number of a certain bolt or to tighten a bolt with a nut or locknut.

What tools bring for a motorbike trip?

Spark plug wrench.

It is another tool that cannot be missing, a spark plug can fail at any time and if you do not have this wrench, you could be stranded on the site. Check with the manufacturer which one is the one that adapts to your motorcycle.

Spark plug

If we have the key but we do not have the spare spark plug, we are left in the same place and without a solution, that is why it is necessary to have at least one new spark plug in our luggage.

Another of the items that cannot be missing among the tools, at any time a chain breakage could occur and if we do not have this piece we can hardly get back on the road, so it is important to have at least two links that are of the same type or series of your chain.

Puncture repair kit

These are essential for motorcycles with normal wheels. They are used to repair a punctured tire or tube.


Having said that, here is a list (for reference purposes only) to “inspire” you as to what to bring and whether you need the Tool Roll MINI or MAX to fit everything.

  • Expansion Wrench
  • Wrenches (sockets) specific for wheel axles
  • Pliers
  • Spade and Phillips screwdriver
  • Insulating tape
  • Levers to remove rims
  • Wick kit (wicks, punch, spinner)
  • Inflator or compressor
  • Tire (even if your tires are tubeless)
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Box of various bolts M6, M8, M10, various washers and nuts
  • Hex or Torx wrench knife (BMW or KTM)
  • Lubricant
  • Supremacy chain cleaning brush
  • Chain cleaner
  • Chain tie according to the pitch of your bike (420, 428, 520, 528 / with or without orings)
  • One length of chain according to your bike’s pitch
  • Fixed wrenches (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm)
  • Rache with most common cups (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm)
  • Epoxy welding
  • Plastic ties or Tie Wraps
  • Terek straps for pulling in case you have nothing else to do
  • Utility knife
  • Gray tape (duck tape)
  • Wet wipes to clean yourself
  • A holy card of the Virgin Mary or the saint of your choice (you never know)

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