Don’t dig into your savings: A Motorcycle touring in South America is the answer! 

When people start talking about new adventures, and magical places a sense of uncertainty invades your body. Choosing to travel abroad can be daunting, especially when seeking affordable motorcycle tourism destinations without breaking the bank. Adventure bikers are now more interested in visiting this part of the world, South America gives you the best of both worlds, you can get the “go on a budget” experience or you can go all luxury. 

Latin America extends beyond Mexico, comprising diverse countries, cultures, and landscapes across the southern part of the Americas continent. Music, culture, traditions, extremely delicious gastronomy, warm people, and don’t let me start talking about our breathtaking landscapes. Geography in this part of the world is a gift for some that are looking for twisty roads, adrenaline at its finest, challenging paths, and great adventures along with their two wheeled best partner. 

Let’s delve into why this region of the Americas is so appealing to tourists, uncovering its unique allure and attractions. I started saying that South America gives you the best of both, small and unlimited budgets. It can adapt to any of your needs. I’m gonna focus on three countries to not make it too long, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. 


Colombia, famed for its coffee axis, vibrant Salsa music, and warm, outgoing people, ensures the best experiences for visitors. Colombian people are deeply patriotic, taking immense pride in their culture, traditions, and their beloved country. Moreover, Colombia has demonstrated that they can offer tourists amazing experiences regardless of the political situation, and no it’s not like the press shows, you will not be living a live action Pablo Escobar novela.

For those who are visiting this country the exchange rate will surprise you, affordable prices everywhere on everything, from hotel nights on the best places to inexpensive meals on luxury restaurants. Furthermore, Colombia’s booming biker culture, with nine million motorcyclists, makes it a haven for adventure riders worldwide, ensuring unforgettable experiences. No time to be shy, when they see you on your two wheeled buddy, they will approach you quickly to ask about the machine, your plans during your stay and much much more, don’t be surprised if one invites you to ride with their biker mates.


Situated strategically in the heart of the globe, Ecuador offers a small yet remarkable slice of South America’s vast skies. Home to diverse fauna and flora, active volcanoes, handcrafted souvenirs, delectable cuisine, historical cities, enchanting valleys, and hidden beaches. A three world paradise, best description: all in one. This is the place you want to go, if you are thirsty for adrenaline, if your lust for finding magical places goes beyond your home country, Ecuador is where you want to ride. beginning with the fact that the country possesses one of the best climates of the region, with never extreme temperatures.

Humid-subtropical weather on the coast, take your sunnies out, and enjoy your ride with the sun following your way. The inter-Andean valleys (highlands) have a temperate climate, but don’t get surprised if you find yourself buying an extra alpaca wool sweater to warm you up during your stay. So, in the Amazon region, expect year-round rainfall, nurturing lush greenery and vibrant life throughout all seasons.

Adventurers from all over the globe visit Ecuador to encounter new exploits, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, not meaning they have to leave aside comfort or safety from choosing the best ADV bikes to staying in the best hotels on each part of the trip. Touring in this country means off-road everywhere, highways with dope views, small narrow gravel streets in the middle of small communities that will challenge your riding skills and strengthen your relationship with the bike.

Prices in this country range from USD 2.50 for a complete lunch to USD 100 for a single course meal. Ecuador has dollars as its official currency, always a plus as it’s the most common currency around the world. 


Perú has one of the most visited deserts in the area, a perfect place full of ancient archeology, colored textiles and multicultural communities. In addition, the country has been known as a bikers friendly destination, specially because of their kind people, its gastronomy that now is well known all over the world and much more for their challenging but rewarding high passes.

The extensive desert merges seamlessly with beaches in this country, blurring the distinction between them. The width varies from 10 up to 100 miles, an eye catching paradise you don’t want to miss. Explore hidden gems like Paron Lagoon, its emerald waters framed by majestic snow-capped peaks, offering breathtaking vistas beyond altitude. Add El Pato Canyon to your bucket list; a road amid colossal stone walls leading to endless tunnels. Definitely, an unforgettable experience.

On your ride, discover ruins like “Huaca del Sol y la Luna,” a stunning adobe brick pyramid from the Moche civilization.  Peru offers diverse attractions and activities at affordable prices, welcoming tourists of all kinds to experience its Inca ancestral paradise.

Gear up, pack your essentials, don your helmet, stash your sunglasses, and prepare for the thrilling adventure awaiting you! Leave these tedious tasks to locals that will help you find the best routes and activities to maximize your experience. 

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