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When visiting foreign countries, the main concern for many is how to maximize their experience. Making the most of every moment, but while in an unfamiliar country,  feels like launching into the unknown.
When in doubt, trust our dear friend Google. It often holds the answers you seek, just a search away! I, like many others, look for a more human-ish response for all my inquiries. 

Start your journey by considering your experience, riding skills, connection with your bike, preferred trails or streets, distances, and accommodation. Once you have general details sorted, seek a trustworthy, communicative motorcycle tourism agency, especially in South America.

When talking about experience the first thing that comes to mind is years, but we also have to start thinking about experience as where you have been riding, cities with long and modern pavement streets, highways that cross countries… or more adventurous rides on gravel trails, mountains or even small cities located in remote countries. The difference between trails and streets isn’t just about landscapes; it’s about how you handle various situations.


On streets, you will be facing challenges such as high speed vehicles, tired or distracted drivers and last but not least… missing a turn or the right exit because, yep you were with your head on the clouds while Siri or Google maps were guiding you. On the other hand, Off-road turns the risk factor up a notch, but that is what makes this so exciting, your heart pumping, the adrenaline rushing your veins, senses are firing on all cylinders… while smiling ear to ear, just an “insignificant” bump could turn into a big issue.In both cases, a strong connection with your bike is essential. Knowing your motorcycle breeds confidence whether on loose earth or smooth streets.

100% asphalt or all off-road tour? As I just said, pavement gives you confidence, the facility and comfortness of being in a familiar environment. Fortunately, most South American countries boast stunning views along their highways and main streets, offering a delightful journey. A prime example is Ecuador. Riding along the E35, you’ll witness colossal volcanoes, majestic mountains, and enchanting valleys.

Something interesting about this E35, is that it starts in Patagonia (Argentina) crosses Bolivia, then to Peru, Ecuador, through Colombia all the way up to Panama; E35 is commonly known as Panamericana, this giant Hwy ends in Alaska. Choosing 100% asphalt offers diverse lodging options, spanning luxury resorts to cozy B&Bs and hostels, enriching your travel experience. Off-roading is completely different, expect more hours of riding to get to your hotels, but will be worth it! Ecuador offers unique remote accommodations amidst nature, promising unforgettable experiences for every guest, showcasing the country’s beauty.


While off-roading you will be in places you will ever imagine, expect the unexpected ( in a positive way of course haha) don’t get fooled by the small food places you find on the road, they don’t need huge pompous structures to offer you the most amazing traditional dishes served by the nicest people originate from these far-off towns.You’ll encounter various traffic scenarios, from cattle herds on trails to families with donkeys and horses carrying farm produce. What a show i would say… something not to be missed. 

Miles ahead, your butt is freezed and you have trouble feeling your hands. Distances matter at this point right? Long journeys aren’t for everyone. Consider your tolerance for road time before embarking on an adventureWhether it’s 3, 5, or 8+ hours, it’s your call. Remember, it’s not a race; prioritize enjoying the adventure. The longer the distance, the greater the fatigue at the end of the day.

Where to rest?

As it came up, tiredness after a long ride is common (no matter if you feel like a superhuman while riding, you still need some rest at the end of the day) , so having a good and comfy place to stay is a gift from heaven, choose wisely, better if you can rely on an agency that can offer attractive fares. Prices will be linked to how fancy the place is, but also the location is gonna be a factor to how pricey the hotel comes…the more remote the place is, the higher the price.

Now, it’s time to process the wealth of information, sort details, make decisions, and address any lingering questions effectively. Finding ourselves stagnated, what to do? what to choose? Agencies like Ecuador bike rental, offer not just already planned tours but also custom tailored tours, with the main idea of being a helpful hand when it comes to maximize every moment in the country.

Crafting unforgettable experiences for each client by understanding their needs, expectations, and budgets, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Our primary objective isn’t just selling tours or increasing rentals. It’s about ensuring every rider experiences the best the country has to offer.

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