Best 5 motorcycle road routes in South America

5 Motorcycle Road Routes

Ecuador gives you the opportunity to travel and enjoy its beautiful landscapes surrounded by the Amazon jungle, the incredible mountains of the Highlands, and the beautiful beaches of the coast. That is the perfect reason to travel to South America, Ecuador is one of the places you will find amazing and have on your bucket list, where you can live wonderful experiences of its unforgettable places and culture. That is why I present you some tremendous on-road tours in Ecuador


Join us for a briefing in our Quito offices. Complete paperwork, try on gear, and receive your chosen bike. Then, after a quick brief on roads and safety, you will be all set up for your adventure.

After that, you’ll take your way to Baños de Agua Santa, passing over the highlands of the Antisana Ecological National Park and descending through one of the gateways to the Amazon basin to Tena city where you can have lunch. We will give you some referrals of places you can enjoy. After savoring local cuisine, embark on a ride to Baños, tracing the border between the Amazon basin and the Sierra.

Best 5 motorcycle road routes in South America


After checking in at the hotel, where everything will be ready to welcome you after your first day of adventure, you will be given the keys based on single occupancy, (unless requested otherwise), you can go ahead and relax, unpack, and enjoy the surroundings.

This small town is well known for its forest, and extreme sports but much more for its nightlife. If you feel like partying, this is the place. Put yourself out and head to a bar, the first drink is on us! Then off to the most popular club in Baños to enjoy a night out.


An early day starts with breakfast, get your gear and luggage ready, and continue with the adventure. Cuenca, a city known as being the most delightful city in the country awaits you. The ride will go through the Mountain region to the south of the country, passing alongside the emblematic Chimborazo Volcano, the highest volcano in the world measured from the center of the earth.

Best 5 motorcycle road routes in South America


Cuenca counts with a Colonial and historical contrast. Here is the famous Homero Ortega Panama hat factory, where you can watch the complete manufacturing process of the hats. You’ll see them handcrafted right in front of you and then taken to the main plaza to be sold. Calderon Park, steeped in history, offers a unique blend of colonial and historical charm, welcoming visitors with open doors. Cuenca is filled with beauties, full of lights surrounded by the Old and the New Cathedrals.

Dating back to the 1500s, the Old Cathedral, once a church, now serves as a museum, displaying its stunning architecture. The newer Cathedrals have a different architecture, being a more gothic style but just as wonderful. Head to the selected hotel, that after today’s riding will be a blessing to your body. It counts with thermal waters, reassuring your complete rest. A dinner based on local cuisine will make you taste a bit more of the diverse Ecuadorian gastronomy.


Well sated, you’ll continue the Spondylus route through a beautiful landscape and a road filled with twisties towards Los Frailes beach counted as one of the most breathtaking beaches in Ecuador. This is an exclusive place, as not many tourists know about the existence of the beach which makes it one of the greatest spots to rest and shoot some awesome pictures.

Los Frailes

Heading north along the Spondylus route, you’ll reach Manta, a coastal city offering delightful cuisine and our hotel accommodations. Manta’s gastronomy is based on traditional seafood dishes with a local twist.


Rise and shine! In the morning, breakfast will be served, and we will begin our 3-hour bike ride. From Andean vegetation to the Amazonian jungle, you’ll see different flora and fauna and get the full experience of riding in deep vegetation. We’ll be accommodated at our hotel with single-room occupancy, and get a good rest for the activities to be done in the afternoon.


After getting rested, lunch will be served with now the typical food from the Amazon side of Ecuador. Following our meal, we’ll depart on our way to the Amazon basin. Passing by Puyo, Rio Verde, and the Rio Negro, towns that are famous for the rivers that cross them.

As soon as we approach Tena, we’ll detour at Misahualli Port. This town, nestled at road’s end, boasts white sands near the river where Cappuccino monkeys often mingle with visitors. Exercise caution with your belongings, as individuals in the area have a reputation for taking items directly from your hands.


Begin with a briefing at our Quito offices. Complete paperwork, try gear, and receive your chosen bike. Then, after a quick brief on roads, safety, and a quick guide, you’ll depart on your way. The departure will be by 9 after all the formalities, after a ride of 45 minutes you’ll be getting to the little town of Nono, with a very interesting history behind, agricultural land all planted that will offer you beautiful colors.


Getting out of Nono you will pass through the eco route called “Paseo del Kinde” (path of the hummingbird), declared the first important South-American site of the world for birdwatching, the possibility to find flying around you during your ride over 400 different species of birds including 20 species of hummingbirds surrounded by nature proper of the tropical cloud forest. Once you finish the dirt road, you will return to the road leading to Mindo (E28). We estimate that you will arrive at the hotel around noon, just in time to enjoy a great lunch at La Bicok eco-lodge.


Producers in the Mindo area source cocoa beans from the surrounding area to craft renowned fine chocolate. Later in the afternoon, you will have the privilege to assist in what we call the chocolate tour, where you will witness the different stages for the preparation of the very fine chocolate that you probably eat back in your countries, an activity that takes almost a couples hours of pure tasty fun! Afterward, you will head towards the Butterfly farm (Mariposario), a great opportunity to use different senses and learn about these insects that are part of de biodiversity of the region. Back at the hotel by 18:30, take your time to have a relaxing and restoring shower before you go to enjoy what will it be the last meal of your day.

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