What makes a place unique beyond the geographic factor and gives it the wow factor is the people that live in it. Usually, when these people come along with a story to tell, you feel time passes by fast and with a memory that the spot you just left had something to it. Ecuador is filled with an interesting story behind. In the North West area of Pichincha, the rainforest area known as Choco has a town in the middle of it called Mindo. A place with 500 species of birds and among them, 328 species of hummingbirds and over 2000 species on its flora. If you add in the midst of all that natural beauty, an eco-lodge that leans to preserve its environment and bond with its surroundings in harmonic ways, then you have La Bicok.

  Sebastian, his owner was an architect in France well known by his contemporary designs, that decided to leave his country in pursue of a dream: to travel South America in a mobil home with his family. That’s how they started in 2012 until 2014. Three years later and many countries after, the family found a piece of land in the middle of a wonderful, small and middle-of-nowhere town called Mindo. Its charm resided in the contact with nature that provides to its inhabitants. Now the family found a land near town and with the sale of their motor home, La Bicok started to become a reality in 2015.

The first time we arrived to La Bicok was when we were scouting Mindo in the middle of a route, to find that place with a story to tell. La Bicok was just starting with few cabañas for their customers. The parking was designed with some spots for campers and mobile houses. That night, there was a couple of families that had their funny stories coming from Alaska and Sebastian about the travels with his family. Added to the warmth of a bonfire that Sebastian made for us, great wine and food, we felt like we hit the right place for our overnights in Mindo. Since then Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner has been using La Bicok as our favourite place to stay in town. Not one single customer has made a claim about the place, and since is close to town, its easy to have a beer in town, have a walk around the waterfalls and enjoy some off-road with the motorcycles around, practice river crossing and sceneries.

Since 2017, Ecuador Bike Rental staff has been put lots of effort to polish its knowledge about the country. As a 100% Ecuadorean company, our goal is to promote our country with its real culture core by visiting different areas, trying different flavours and talking to the people that makes this country unique. No other company can say the same.

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