When you have to buy tires for your motorcycle, you realize there are several types of motorcycle tires and you realize that you never asked what type of tires your motorcycle originally brought. It is a problem that happens very often, sometimes it happens that people go for the cheapest tire they can buy to realize that, either it worn out early or, that its been years and its rubber still looks new but offers no adherence whatsoever.   The first thing we must take into account is the type of road where we usually ride. If we ride on highways, dirt roads or a mix between these two, you’re aiming to buy one which offers the proper grip and wear. To find out what types of motorcycle tires exist and what is the ideal for each terrain, we help you a bit with the types of motorcycle tires that exist.      

1 Slicks

        They are treadless. They are used for competition, generally they last very little. Its compound is soft, they offer an optimal grip at high speeds, precisely for this reason they reach very high temperatures. They are not suitable for use on roads, but it will stick to a circuit corners like mad.      

  1. Sport

    They are characterized by having little tread on their surface, they can come as soft, medium or hard rubber compound depending on the manufacturer, they offer excellent grip on dry and wet asphalt. They can be used on the circuit but are generally used on the road.   3. Highways and city. They offer good adherence to the ground and have numerous lines that make them safer on wet surfaces. Its compound is variable, with a hard center surface and softer on the sides for grip purposes when leaning, which gives it a longer duration, specially when operating at low temperatures. They are for daily use on urban and paved roads. Their duration is medium and they offer a good grip. Anyone can use them.   4. Touring. They are tires made to be used on open roads, that is why they are tires that have a deeper carving and have more presence of lines to be able to evacuate rainwater more efficiently. Their tread, although is meant for pavement, it offers some off-road capabilities. Also, they are usually built to withstand heavy and loaded bikes at moderate speeds.   5 . Dual sport.

Our favourite! They are for motorcycles capable of riding both on pavement and on dirt roads. Its main feature is that they have more pronounced and wider lines, which segment it into semi-blocks that offer better grip on soft terrain, dirt, mud and stones. Its operating temperature is low and its rubber is usually harder than touring tires. They can be used on almost any road, but never to the extreme in any sense since, due to their compound and design, they are halfway between pavement and dirt.       6 . All terrain.

They are tires designed for difficult terrain to travel, such as mud, trails and dirt tracks, they have a soft compound that helps you change a little shape depending on the type of terrain, their blocks are pronounced precisely to offer a better grip to that type of road or no road in some cases. They are used for Enduro and Motocross competitions. As they are made of a soft material, they are not recommended for traffic on the road or city, since their wear is big and their adhesion in these conditions is low.   After taking into account the type of tire that we are going to use in our motorcycles, it is necessary to know the air pressure that we need, for this it is best to consult the catalog of the owner of each motorcycle since there are several measures and over the years it is likely This measure has been changed, which translates into higher fuel consumption, lower performance of the motorcycle and therefore, may have unsafe driving.     Another very important thing at the moment of driving on the tracks is to periodically check the tire pressure, the condition and remaining life of the tires to have the ideal performance according to the type of road on which we drive, for this if you want you can check our blog in which we mention basic maintenance to be carried out so that our motorcycles are in perfect condition.     The most advisable thing is to use known and proven brands around the world, these are a result of arduous research work by manufacturers, which will allow you to be safe on the roads.

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