Motorcycle tires

When you have to buy tires for your motorcycle, you realize there are several types of Motorcycle tires and you realize that you never asked what type of tires your motorcycle originally brought. It is a problem that happens very often, sometimes it happens that people go for the cheapest tire they can buy to realize that, either it worn out early or, that its been years and its rubber still looks new but offers no adherence whatsoever.  

The first thing we must take into account is the type of road where we usually ride. If we ride on highways, dirt roads or a mix between these two, you’re aiming to buy one which offers the proper grip and wear. To find out what types of motorcycle tires exist and what is the ideal for each terrain, we help you a bit with the types of motorcycle tires that exist.      

Motorcycle tires

1. Slicks

        They are treadless. They are used for competition, generally they last very little. Its compound is soft, they offer an optimal grip at high speeds, precisely for this reason they reach very high temperatures. They are not suitable for use on roads, but it will stick to a circuit corners like mad.      

2. Sport

Characterized by minimal tread, they come in soft, medium, or hard rubber compounds, providing excellent grip on dry and wet asphalt. They can be used on the circuit but are generally used on the road.  

3. Highways and city.

They offer good adherence to the ground and have numerous lines that make them safer on wet surfaces. Its compound is variable, with a hard center surface and softer on the sides for grip purposes when leaning, which gives it a longer duration, specially when operating at low temperatures. They are for daily use on urban and paved roads. Their duration is medium and they offer a good grip. Anyone can use them.  

4. Touring.

These tires are designed for open road use, featuring deeper treads and prominent grooves to efficiently evacuate rainwater. Their tread, although is meant for pavement, it offers some off-road capabilities. Also, they are usually built to withstand heavy and loaded bikes at moderate speeds.  

5 . Dual sport.

Our favourite! They are for motorcycles capable of riding both on pavement and on dirt roads. Pronounced, wider lines divide into semi-blocks, enhancing grip on soft terrain, dirt, mud, and stones. Its operating temperature is low and its rubber is usually harder than touring tires. They’re suitable for various roads but not extreme conditions, as their compound and design are intermediate between pavement and dirt.

6 . All terrain.

These tires are designed for challenging terrain like mud, trails, and dirt tracks. Their soft compound allows slight shape changes based on terrain type, with pronounced blocks for enhanced grip. They use them for Enduro and Motocross competitions. Soft-material helmets are not advisable for road or city traffic due to wear and low adherence in such conditions.

Once you’ve chosen the tire type, refer to the motorcycle owner’s manual for the correct air pressure, which may vary with time. This measure change results in increased fuel consumption, decreased motorcycle performance, and potentially unsafe driving conditions.

It’s crucial to regularly check tire pressure, condition, and remaining tread life for optimal performance on tracks. For more maintenance tips, visit our blog. Choosing well-known and globally proven brands ensures road safety, reflecting extensive manufacturer research and testing.

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