Imagine riding your motorcycle through a unique landscape in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes! Imagine following the path that was followed by Alexander Von Humboldt in the 19th century while he discovered lots of totally unknown aspects of the geology of the youngest chain of mountains in the planet (it’s only two million years old!!!) Going way back in time, imagine following areas that back in the 15th century were the main “roads” of the inca civilization while they started expanding their empire, join us on a guided tour discovering the second highest active volcano in the planet (Cotopaxi Volcano 5897 m,a,s,l,), inside of one of the most visited National Parks that we have in this lovely country.

The landscapes offered by this region in the center of the country are unique and will become unforgettable, the possibility of seeing at least 6 volcanoes with the snowy cap on top, and the additional value of this area: its people. The center of the country is considered the region with the highest percentage of indigenous population in the country, our idea of responsible tourism involves the respect of their traditions and identity, trying a little immersion into this groups, to visit the different regional markets (on specific days) will give us a better idea of the way of living of all this great people. Endless colorful fields, with basic products of the area such as Quinua, potatoes, corn (more than 40 varietie), beans, wheat, and of course people working on their fields! The chance to visit glacial lakes, some of them with the most enigmatic stories of the Ecuadorian Andes, being up close to the place, where apparently, the remains of the last Inca king Atahualpa are located, gives an extra opportunity to discover places that are not normally visited on a regular tour with other tour operators. During this portion of the trip we will be mainly passing through the Pan-American Highway, which will connect every single capital city of each Andean province, with an extension of more than a thousand kilometers here in Ecuador, you have probably ridden somewhere else in America this highway, without knowing that this one starts back in Alaska passing through west north America, central America, gets interrupted in the area of the boarder between Panama and Colombia, because of preservation reasons ( we find the Darien’s narrow, with a very high level of natural diversity and cultural presence). Interesting stops can be done for example for visiting “haciendas” of the 16th and 17th centuries for having a coffee or simply to visit the inside of these places full of beautiful and tragic stories because of their age, right before visiting a rose plantation nearby, that will fulfill your view with all the magical colors of this nontraditional export of Ecuador. There is no better place for motorcycling than Ecuador, through your visit we will be supporting some communities, share their stories and delight ourselves with the landscape while having happy kids smiling at you, will make your trip rewarding.

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