This magical piece of Paradise located in the área of the Napo province, is a place full of history,, full natural beauty and specially adrenaline. Ecuador bike rental is the best option to see the incredible landscapes that this región offers, the entrance to the Amazon basin of Ecuador. The área that represents 2% of the whole amazon basin and 45% of our territory. There is no better way to ride through it than feeling the freedom on a motorcycle.

The Quijos indigenous group existed in this region since 1534 when the spaniards came to the territory that nowadays we call Ecuador, but got in touch with them by 1541, when a spanish expedition reached the area looking for “El Dorado” and cinnamon. They were very disappointed because the never found what they were looking for, but ended up discovering the Amazon River and navigated it fot the first time. Motorcycle touring in Ecuador will give you the oportunity to discover the wonderful and most biodiverse place in the planet , the ecosystem called the tropical rainforest, natural refuge of birds such as toucans, tanagers, honeycreepers, oropéndolas, caciques, an impressive variety of reptiles and amphibians, and of course the possibility to be encountered by mammals, such as the magnificent jaguar present in the area. Join us on a guided tour, the only way to explore this region that counts with several protected areas, part of the natural heritage of the planet, such as the Sumaco Napo Galeras national park, were you have the possibility to hike , visit waterfalls, and explore its natural richness. Tell your friends about Ecuador bike rental, because it will be a unique opportunity to explore and experience the cultural side of this region, the richness of the rainforest is not only natural, there are over 14 indigenous nationalities distributed among the 6 amazonian provinces, with their on particular language, and of course their own rituals and way of living!. Furthermore, the more people in your party, the bigger the benefits and discounts for you all. Motorcycle rentals and the best motorcycle tours in Ecuador ensures an unique lifetime experience respecting all the parameters of responsible tourism.

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