The tourism ministry of Ecuador aimed to improve tourism and encourage people from all over the world to visit the country. They started creating routes, which already existed physically and were normally visited by Ecuadorians, but lacked names. This absence of names made it impossible to promote these destinations abroad. As a result of this process, we now have a route called “the Spondylus route.”


Ecuador Bike Rental offers motorcycle adventure tours in Ecuador. These tours allow our customers to experience the essence of the area, including observing people in their regular lives, culture, and activities. Additionally, they provide opportunities to explore the natural environment surrounding us more quickly and deeply. Riding our bikes and our experience in the area make this possible.


Spondylus Route

The name “Spondylus route” comes from the spondylus shell, which had vital importance for pre-Columbian indigenous groups along the coast of Ecuador, such as Valdivia, Machalilla, and Chorrera. These groups used the shell for fertility rituals of the land. Additionally, indigenous groups even used it as a form of “currency” to acquire products that were not from the area. Researchers have found handicrafts made from this shell in the Andean area. It’s noteworthy that this shell was exclusively found along the coast of Ecuador, not in Peru or Colombia.


The sacred spondylus shell Join us on a guided tour!!!! We make possible the chance to discover the natural and cultural richness of this area, it’s a route that starts in the north coast of Ecuador and goes all the way to the south, almost to the boarder with Peru, in this coastal route, it is possible to discover National Parks, gastronomy, fishermen in a regular day coming back from a rough night in the sea and of course beautiful beaches all along the coast.

One of the National parks of this route, that let us explore virgin and protected beaches such as “Los Frailes”, the famous “Isla de la Plata” located an hour away of navigation, where we will find a new ecosystem called the tropical dry forest, with fauna found in the Galapagos Islands, from June to September we can try some whalewatching because lots of humpbacked whales come to the area to have some fun!

Our Tour

The most experienced motorcycle rental and tour operator in Ecuador will take you all over this route. This opportunity allows you to meet people and visit gorgeous beaches. You can also explore archaeological site museums to understand all the historical background of the area. Additionally, you can choose to visit charming towns where you can practice surf, paragliding, and other extreme sports in the best natural and ecological ambiance. All these experiences come with the sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean.


Riding along the coast of Ecuador could be the most memorable experience of your lifetime. There is no better place in the world for motorcycling than Ecuador.


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