Quito, August 1st 2019.- KTM del Ecuador Partnered up with Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner to provide you with new sensations in their motorcycle tours and rentals. To start with the integration in their fleet the biggest of their models, a brand new KTM Super Adventure 1290 R.   KTM has come with the beast that settles the argument. The mighty 1290 Super Adventure R is the answer for those who seek strong emotions. Its 1301cc engine delivers torque starting at as low as 2500 rpm, and thanks to its advanced electronic aids, such as leaning ABS, bidirectional quick-shifter, and four already mapped riding modes (Sport, Street, Rain, and Off-Road), this motorcycle will make you feel like a proper master in the adventure.   “As we were working on its engine’s break-in, little by little we were realizing what we were getting ourselves into” – says Sleipner’s company Co-owner David Garces – “literally we couldn’t stop smiling every time we found a new perk the bike had. It was designed as if it was meant to make you feel lands that can only be compared with Mars, like a proper asphalt road, allowing you to push to even harsh terrains with confidence.”

  The agreement between both companies will also allow providing tours in Ecuador with other models, such as the KTM 690 Enduro and the latest models of the 790 S and R. “Now is just a matter of time for our customers to point us in the right direction about which motorcycle they want most. The idea is to get one of each and expand the fleet in the right direction. We had customers that craved big motorcycles, and therefore we got this one and the latest of the Africa Twin”. – says Francisco Silva, lead asset manager in the company.   Ecuador Bike Rental, thanks to its customer satisfaction standard, has progressed to a point that qualifies with the highest standards in the industry — receiving awards like Quito’s “Distintivo Q” batch for quality and excellence in execution, and the “2019 Certificate of Excellence” of the giant in the tourism industry, Trip Advisor.

    “Ecuador offers so much, that in a short holiday time frame can only be explored to its best on top of a motorcycle, and that’s what we want our customers to take with them when they leave” – comments Bryan Villamil, Chief Administrator. 

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