The whales came to Ecuador

Between June and October, Ecuador receives the visit of the Yubartas whales (Humpbacks) in their coasts. These beautiful cetaceans that reach a size between 12 to 16 meters long. More than 30,000 kilos travel 7,000 km from the cold waters of the Antarctic to reach the warm waters of the coast of Manabi.

The whales came to Ecuador

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This tour is carried out every year since, thanks to the union of the Humboldt and El Niño currents. The ideal conditions are created for the mating and birth of their offspring. Puerto Lopez is the ideal place to enjoy this natural spectacle in which we can see and be part of the ritual of the mating of these giants. This ritual includes jumps, dances, and songs that we can easily distinguish from a boat dedicated exclusively to this attraction.

An ideal place to enjoy our adventure motorcycle because to get to our destination we can use both asphalt and offroad roads. This roads will take us through cloudy forests, stop and forests on the coast. This is why Ecuador motorcycle tours are a great option to know in-depth about this beautiful country. To enjoy this fantastic spectacle of whales jumping out of the water. We offer you three options.

You will not only be able to admire these magnificent animals but also to know one of the most megadiverse countries of the world. You will also verify for yourself why to travel in a motorcycle in Ecuador is an unforgettable destination.

Take Over Ecuador

Take Over Ecuador. In this option, you will have the chance to know a large part of Ecuador. A 13-day tour that will take you from the mountains to the coast through magical places. Prepare for enchanted lagoons, unforgettable sunsets, whale sightings, vibrant nightlife, culture, active volcanoes, Inca ruins, and breathtaking landscapes.

Ecuador Bike Rental

You will visit places like the Quilotoa Lagoon, Manta, Puerto Lopez, Montañita, Guayaquil, Machala, Loja, Cuenca, Ingapirca, Baños, Otavalo and the Mitad del Mundo. Ecuador has many climatic zones, from tropical along the coast to colder and drier areas in the higher and tropical elevations in the lowlands of the Amazon rainforest. Ecuador is unusual because you can choose any climate you want according to the place in the country where you travel.

Adding the excitement of riding a motorcycle makes it even more fun. Ecuador has no summer or winter; However, there are typically more humid and dry seasons. The “wettest” season is usually between December and June, while the driest season lasts from July to November. Enjoy this Ecuador motorcycle tour, thanks to our motorcycles and your driving experience using the best hotels and ecological accommodations to make this an enjoyable experience.   


In this tour we will focus on the beautiful beaches of Ecuador. We will have enough time to get to know the culture of the Ecuadorian coast. Share the friendliness of its people and the show that the whales offer us. The freedom that motorcycles allows us to explore new places on the coast that you won’t believe is true. You can savor surf lessons, admire beach nature, explore vibrant nightlife, and relish the warm waters you won’t want to depart. In our passage from the mountains to the coast, we will know a little about the culture of Guaranda. Known as the city of the 7seven hills and the eternal carnivals.

The latter to carry out the most extensive and best-known carnival party in the country. Before bidding farewell to the mountains, we have the opportunity to indulge in their delightful cheeses and sweets. Transitioning to the coast, we explore Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest port city, continuing our journey.

Three worlds

We’ll cross through villages with amicable people from the province of Manabi. Finally, we’ll get to see the green region of Esmeraldas, which with its significant vegetation by the sea will fill us with beautiful landscapes. Three Worlds, designed so you can get to know Ecuador in all its splendor, you can go from the mountains to many places. For example, go through the Amazon and reach the coast, three completely different worlds within a single country, from 4000 msnm to 0 meters.

Ecuador Bike Rental

The high contrast of vegetation, climate, culture, and in all places, the kindness that distinguishes the people of Ecuador. Rafting, surfing, whale watching, among other activities that will captivate you. This activities will fill your soul and make you fall in love with this beautiful country. In all of our tours, you can find the freedom to hire them with or without a guide. It depends on you. Certainly, we can accommodate your preferences, skills, and schedule by crafting a personalized tour. Whether it’s a specially tailored itinerary or one you design yourself, Ecuador Bike Rental ensures your comfort and enjoyment. We prioritize your satisfaction by arranging accommodations at the finest hotels and eco-lodges across Ecuador.

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